My First Post!

Hi everybody! This is the very first post on my blog, Graceful! Here, I will be showing you some fun articles as well as little parts of my life. I’ve always had a passion for writing, and recently I’ve started to love photography. I’ve never really had the confidence (or permission) to start a blog, and confidence is vital when you’re dealing with the Internet. Well, I’m happy to inform you that I am now happy with myself and I can take the hate – it will not faze me (but between me and you, please don’t hate!). Currently, I am on summer break and have plenty of time to write articles. And trust me, I love to post on this blog, but once school starts, I wont be able to post as often as I might in the summer-time. This blog has been a long-time coming. In the third grade, my class had made individual blogs that were saved to private. At that point in time, I didn’t really know how to use the Internet, let alone a blog! But the important part was that it intrigued me. It left me wanting more, being able to do my own thing. So I started to daydream. I would sketch out designs for my home page; write different articles that I thought would be cool. So when the day came that I asked my parents for a blog, they said no. I was still very young, and I can see why they made they’re decision.


Now, I’m much, much older, but it still wasn’t easy. I knew I would have to put my all into convincing them, not just asking this time around. I started to think, ‘What worked for me in school?’ Well, PowerPoint presentations did. So I logged onto the computer and I started to craft a presentation that would be so good, no one could say no. I addressed points of safety, reassurance and things that I was writing, to get my parents as on-board as they could be. I even went the extra mile and made a book! After the presentation, they gave me the verdict that I could write my first article without posting it, and here it is! All dressed up and ready to go!


Onto some explanation as to what I will be posting. In the ‘Life’ section I’ll be posting things like advice, survival guides, ‘Breaking News’, which is a section for me to share stories with you as well as life articles, and any photography that I do without a post for it to go with. If you guys need any advice, then leave it in the comments below. I will be going through once a week and pick my top three favourite pleas and will make a post out of it. In the fashion and beauty section, I will be posting things like outfit ideas, style steals, hair and makeup looks, nail designs and Style Me! requests. In the DIY section, anything that you can make will be posted there. Room décor, clothing, organization. Basically, if you can DIY it, don’t buy it.


In the fun section, I will be posting entertaining things that don’t really fit into any categories. Things like expectations vs. reality, life hacks, parties, reviews, favourites and a book club? Stay tuned for that, because there will be some different opportunities for readers. Lastly, in the recipe section I will be sharing with you guys some fun treats. It will mostly be baking and showing you how to cook Pintrest food, simplified.


I really hope that you stick around to see some other cool articles, and hey, maybe even give me a follow while your at it! My question-of-the-post for today is: if you could choose one article for me to write, what would it be? Leave you’re answer in the comments below for me to read. You might see your idea in a post! That’s all for today, but I will be back very soon with another post that’s I’m hard at work with! Remember that you’re amazing! -GRACEFUL


“Write until it becomes as natural as breathing. Write until not writing makes you anxious”-Unknown


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