Your Ultimate Back-To-School Guide

First off, I know that I am probably a little late with this, judging by the fact that most of the world has probably already started their school year. I don’t start until September 8th this year, but I also don’t finish until June 31st. My point is, I’m late. Anyways, I know that school can be tough. It lasts for about 10 of the 12 months we have in a year and teachers constantly think that we don’t do enough in class, so they decide that we also need an extra hour of homework. And that’s before you have to study for your math test, finish your essay for English and crack open the textbook that you were supposed to read for science class. But you’ve got to give them credit: they go to work all day and put up with a bunch of kids, just to go home and help there own kids (probably). And let’s be real, a teachers night is preparing a lesson plan for the next day and grading papers! Let’s just dive into it, because we have a lot to cover!

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I don’t know about you guys, but this is very important to me. I want to make a good first impression on the people that I don’t know as much as the people that I do know. So, I’ve put together five different outfits that will keep your #OOTD strong all week

DAY 1: Typically, this is Monday, and starting Monday off with your favourite outfit or just a little bit dressier will make you feel (and be) more productive. That’s why I decided to start off with a plaid skater dress and a slouchy cardigan. This outfit is pretty preppy, but it gives off the “I want to start the week off good” vibe to me, staying casual with the cardigan. Dress, Cardigan,

DAY 2: You’re second day of the week is also important to keep your mind in a motivational mood, so this black jumpsuit paired with a fun, colourful structured cardigan is perfect to stay playful and professional at the same time. This is also a great outfit for giving, say a speech or presentation to the class, because you wont look like you’re trying to hard, but you’ll also look prepared. Jumpsuit, Blazer,

DAY 3: This is the day you’re going to want to keep it more casual and laid back it’s getting closer to the weekend and classes are not causing you as much stress. This pair of light-wash overalls paired with the black and white striped top is super cute but also pretty chill. The red lip and coloured heels take the outfit above and beyond. Overall, Top,

DAY 4: Today is legging day. A pair of plain black leggings and an oversized cute sweater is like peanut butter and jelly – they were made for each other! So mix them together and let the compliments roll in! I chose a yellow and white sweater to really make a bright statement against the back, without looking like a bumblebee! Leggings, Shirt, old

Day 5: Ah, Friday! You’ve probably missed it all week, so give it a little something extra with a denim button up mini and a wide-sleeved shirt. I feel like this look is super versatile because there are lots of ways to change it up. For example, this look is more bohemian, but pair it with a crop-top, army jacket and choker, you’ve got a grungy 90’s look. Skirt, Top,

Hair/ Makeup:

If this is an important step for your morning, this section is for you! For school, I think that a little bit of makeup is great, but to much will make you seem like your trying a bit to hard. Start off with some lite foundation, or just use concealer to, well, conceal everything that you would like. Blend it in with a foundation brush or beauty blender to make your skin appear #flawless. Next, go in with your favourite mascara to lift your lashes and make you look more awake. This on its own is perfect, but if you would like, fill in your brows and do some quick eye shadow. I suggest a crème shade on your lid with some warm brown colors blended into your crease and outer corner. Finally, finish with a soft pink lip-gloss/lipstick.


Now for hair. It really depends on what kind of outfit that you’re wearing on the specific day, but if you have a go-to style, experiment with hairstyles that complement your style. A look that I think is completely versatile is the half-up pony. It looks great with anything, promise! Sectioning off a little less than the top half of your hair, pull it above your ears and into a high ponytail, securing with clear elastics. Go the extra mile and curl/straiten the rest of your hair, or add a fun headband. Another really cool idea is using some glitter hair gel to the tips or base of your ‘tail. Make it yourself with a bottle of clear hair gel mixed with whatever color of glitter that you want to make the ultimate trend.


Lunch: Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but lunch gives you an extra push to get through the day. Here are some quick and easy lunch ideas:


Pizza Pinwheels:

1-2 tortilla wraps

2 tbsp. tomato sauce

Cheese to taste

8 thin slices of preferred meat

1/8 cup chopped peppers

1/8 cup chopped tomato

1/8 cup chopped onions

1/8 cup chopped olives


Spread tomato sauce evenly onto wrap, adding preferred topping as well. Top with cheese. Roll the wrap up so that it looks like a small log and slice into ½ inch slices. On an oven-safe tray/plate, heat pinwheels at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until cheese is melted to desire and edges are crisp. Re-heat at lunch or just leave it cold.


Pancake Muffins:

1 box pancake mix

Preferred amount chocolate chips

Muffin tin

Cooking spray


In a bowl, follow the directions of your mix to make a batter. Spray muffin tin before pouring equal amounts of batter into it. Top with chocolate chips and bake in oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Continue cooking until fully done. After the first ten minutes, test with a toothpick.

Sandwich Kabobs:

2-3 Slices of bread

Wooden skewers

Preferred sandwich toppings

Preferred sandwich sauces

½ inch circle cookie cutters/Sharp knife


With your circle cookie cutter, cut as many circles out of your bread as possible, doing the same with the other toppings for your sandwich kabob. Layer the circles in bread, topping topping, topping, topping, bread order so that all of the toppings are between different layers of bread. Put your preferred sauces (mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, etc.) in separate small containers to dip your sandwich pieces in once the skewer is assembled.


Life Hacks:

#1: Pack your lunch and lay out your outfits for every day that you go to school. This way, you’ll never forget your lunch and you’ll always know what to wear!

#2: Have a pair of gym clothes inside your locker for everyday that you have gym. Say I have gym twice a week; I keep two pairs of gym clothes in my locker and switch them around every time they get dirty.

#3: If you don’t have enough time for makeup (if you wear it), time how long it takes you and wake up that much earlier!

#4: For a bomb manicure, take a set of false nails and paint them while they’re still in the package. #Flawless.

#5: If teachers allow one page of notes for a test, take a regular sheet of lined paper and write all that you need to remember. No cheating!

#6: Classrooms tend to be hot, so keeping a cheap, hand-held fan in your pencil case to keep cool.

#7: In middle school, most schools offer a student price card that will offer discounts. Buy it! It can get you discounts for things completely un-school related.

#8: If people are stealing your pencils, paint a toothbrush case to look like a marker and they wont be stolen.

#9: Is it impractical? Yes. Possibly unnecessary? Probably. But having 100 pencils will save your year!

#10: Make breakfast the night before! Make a batch of pancakes at the start of the week and spread out over the week!

Keeping Healthy:

Yes, it might be difficult to keep a balanced workout routine while you have to study, go to choir rehearsals, cook dinner… and then here are finals a month away. Yes, it does sound very impossible. But I have a secret: in every one of us, we have a small piece of super-human ability and it’s called multitasking! Here are some very relatable scenarios thrown at you!

Work out when you need to…

Study: This is a very common one. Who am I kidding! For some girls, it can take over their lives! There is a solution though! Ask your teacher if you can record the lesson, even if you’re not aloud to have technology in class (Psst! If you’re a good student it will be easier to get the thumbs up!). Then, the next time you sit down to study for that class, go for a run instead! As long as you’re listening to the recording to review, it’s fine

Shop: Let’s just say that you got roped into grocery shopping with mom, or your bestie just needed your opinion on which dress she should buy for homecoming. Turns out, you were going to have a sweat sesh on both occasions. Instead of agreeing and feeling a burden, go with them willingly! Shopping is actually a great exercise… if you’re walking around. But if shopping requires you to be sitting in a dressing room, ask your friend if you can go for a walk and have her call you when she’s ready. Be sure to explain that you were going to work out so that she doesn’t think you don’t want to be there.

Babysit: Your neighbour calls wondering if you can babysit last minute, right when you finished tying your laces. If the kids are older, challenge them to a miniature track and field in the back yard, or if the kids are younger and go for naps, workout (in the house) during this time! Use the table for triceps dips, do step-up on the stairs and do push-ups, plank and crunches on a rug. Just make sure that you’re quite.

Rehearse: I hate to break it to you, but sadly, playing the flute or running lines is not an exercise. Instead, time yourself. After a set amount of time, you get to work out for five minutes before you continue with practise. Repeat as many times as you want during that session. This one is more meant for when you’re practising at home. Also, if anybody holds a plank for five minutes strait, I will be very impressed!

Tricky Situation:

There are bound to be some moments at school when you just do not know what to do. Here are a few that I thought of, but if you have one leave it in the comments down below! I would love to help!

The Dance: Ah, dances. A way for the school to get everyone available to go to the gym and just stand there in an awkward haze. So here’s the deal: You (naturally) decided to go with your squad instead of with a date and now it seems that you aren’t able to turn around without seeing someone slow-dancing in front of you. Then, someone comes up to you and makes a snide comment about how you’re alone. Awkward, huh? Really, this isn’t to bad of a situation, because chances are, no one will remember you as the girl who didn’t slow dance. Shoot them back a line (without being snobby) saying that you’d rather be alone instead of having to have another person to feel whole. Simple as pie! Trust me when I say, no one will care about that dance anyways.

The Call: It happens to everyone at least once. You’re in class, completely lost on the lesson when the teacher calls on you to answer a question, even though your hand wasn’t up. The whole class is staring at you and waiting for an answer, but you have no idea what the lesson is even about, the teacher was talking so fast. All you have to do is admit that you don’t know the answer because you don’t understand what your teacher is saying. Be truthful. It works! I bet you that half the kids in your class were dreading being called on because they didn’t understand either!

The Stain: Now, I just so happen to be the clumsiest person on the face of the planet earth, and you will notice that there is almost nothing white in my wardrobe. I have totally been there. Your easting lunch with your new friends and everything’s going great. That is until you drip tomato sauce onto you brand new white jeans. Or, you spill milk/water on your black leggings, making it look like you wet yourself. When you all stand up to leave, one “friend” asks if you were okay. You say you were fine and ask her why she asked. She said she was just wondering why you had peed your pants and starts to laugh. This is when things get tough. Try and go for laughs in this situation, because it’ll probably go over easier. Try “Your so lucky you’ve never had this happen to you! I have this disorder clumsiness and sometimes it causes me to spill milk/water in my lap when I’m in the middle of drinking it!” Problem. Solved.

I hope that you all enjoyed this post, besides it being useless for most. I think that school is a great place to be for lots of people, whether it be academically or socially beneficial. I have two question-of-the-posts today: What day do you go back to school, and what piece of advice do you swear by to have a good school year? Like I said, I go back on September 8th, and my word of advice is this:

“It always seems impossible until it is done”-Nelson Mandela.

I think that it is very true, especially when it takes an hour for you to figure out a math question, but when you finally do it, you feel great! If you like survival guides, like this post so that I can see if you want more, and hey! Maybe even give e a follow while you’re at it! I hope that everyone has a phenomenal school year, and always remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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