Fall Style Steal: Emma Roberts

Hello everybody! I am back at you again this week with a new post in relation to fall fashion. Its a great season to wear everything, because there are days that you need to layer and days where you can where a t-shirt. But don’t leave yet, I promise you that I had a point with what I was saying! We are doing a style steal today. What that is is taking a celebrity and copying there look to make it very wearable. In this post, we will be stealing Emma Roberts style. Little did she know that back at the Teen Choice Awards, she would be all of this years fall trends. Let’s see how we can copy Emma!

Photo Credit: gotceleb.com

In this picture, Emma is wearing a bomber jacket and a mini skirt, both on this years fall trend list, so she was a pretty good choice for this style steal. A bonus, the shirt she was wearing was printed, another on the fashion must-list and lastly, she was texture mixing with her leather mini-skirt and her silk bomber jacket. Now, I’m not sure about it actually being silk, I might just be crazy, but in the picture, the bomber jacket has the sheen of silk.

Jacket: aliexpress.com

As you guys might be able to tell, I’m kind of obsessed with that jacket, which is why I coincidentally own a similar one. I didn’t think that finding a green bomber jacket would be to hard, finding the same colour, now that was tricky. But, it was worth it, because I could bring you guys a fun post that i beyond enjoyed making. Anyways, this jacket that I found has very similar qualities as the one that Emma wore to the 2016 TCA’s, from the embroidery to the cuffs, I think that this jacket is almost a duplicate, if I do say so myself. It even has the same texture (wink!)!

Skirt: tradesy.com

My next favourite has to be the skirt. It’s a very subtle way to make a biker-chic statement with the leather and the studs. It is very wearable in the fall because, like I said, there are days that are warm enough to wear the skirt on its own, but you can also pair with your favourite leggings for a warmer look. This is all very versatile. I could see myself wearing it to parties, school, errands… the list goes on. It can really be for whatever you want and I really look for that in a skirt. Just as long it’s long enough for you, this will probably be the best purchase you ever make!

Heels: luchohouston.com

Black heels are really a must-have for most girls. You can wear them with your most casual jeans to your fanciest dress. Much like a little black dress, little black pumps will absolutely never, and I mean never go out of style. I mean seriously, by the time they go out of style, if they ever do, I will most likely be long well… dead. An added bonus, heels give you a nice boost. Shortest of your friend group? Not anymore! These little guys will make up for your height, or lack there-of.

Shirt: forever21.com

I tried very, very, very hard, but I could not find an exact copy of Emma’s barely showing shirt, and i am very sorry. But, I did manage to find a similar shirt from forever 21. It is not the same though. The shirt is also very wearable too. Because it is a tank top, it’s very good for fall because you can really wear it with layers. When you get to hot? Simply take off your layer. I liked this shirt especially because it could go from work to weekend in an instant. Literally, throw on dark wash jeans with this shirt, add a structured black blazer and some natural makeup for work, then get rid of the blazer, add a smokey eye and boom! Weekend ready!

And there you have it! My fall style steal! I loved making this post so much because fashion is one of my favourite things, as you will notice as you get to know me. It’s also really fun keeping up with celebrities as well. I mean, the whole Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West was the must fun thing to keep track of. And I mean, Hiddleswift was the most entertaining thing since Netflix, am I right? As you can tell, I’m kind of a huge Taylor Swift fan. So now I have two question-of-the-post again: 1. Are you team Taylor or team Kimye, and 2. do you want more style steals? If so comment down below who you would like me to do next. If you haven’t followed, maybe you should hit that follow button and become part of the Graceful Girls family! I’ll leave you at that, and remember that you are amazing! – GRACEFUL 



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