My Love/Hate Relationship With Fall

Love/hate relationships are so confusing, are they not? I have a couple, but not with people, more so with things. Like fall, for example. It has so many things to offer, but they aren’t all good. Today I don’t really have a themed post to share with you guys, just me talking to you. I think it’s good to keep things interesting around here, and I happen to be a pretty interesting person (I think). So with out further ado, lets discuss this ever-growing love hate relationship with fall!

Weather: Love 🙂

I absolutely love the weather because it’s the perfect time to layer with ought it being unnecessary. For example, today I wore a knitted shirt instead of a regular shirt and a sweater. It’s great for so many people with outdoor sports especially, because it will mostly happen in the afternoon, when the day is at it’s warmest. I find fall is like the ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ story, it’s not to hot, not to cold, but just right!

Weather: Hate:(

There are things that I don’t like about this season, as well. Like, when the day starts off really cold so then you dress in layers, but it turns out really warm. So I’ll end up wearing my winter jacket in October, and regretting it as soon as the afternoon hits. The mornings always find a way to make it cold enough, even if it’s only for a short amount of time, and it chaps your lips! That really annoys me, strangely, because to me it shouldn’t be cold in the morning until November at least.

Leaves: Love 🙂

Leaves in the fall are so pretty! When the start turning reds and oranges and yellows, they make it the prettiest way to wake up. Honestly, those leaves make me so inspired to be outside as much as I can, because it’s like it’s embedded in my system that the leaves and I have to like the while they are still on the trees. They also influence my outfits as well. My go-to is pretty much black leggings with a red/orange/yellow/tan knitted sweater. Once they fall, if they are dry, they are so much fun to play in, as childlike as it is.

Leaves: Hate:(

Falling leaves are the worst thing to clean! Ever! I do love them, but they fall everywhere and then when you have them swept into a pile they just blow away! I have had a large yard for a while and there are quite a few leaves, but my yard is nothing. One of my relatives has trees through their whole yard, and when they fall, they fall! This year I really have to find an effective way to help out, because I honestly just create more work for myself n the end and give up (sadly).

Thanksgiving: Love:)

May I just say… food. That’s all there is to thanksgiving and food is one of my favorite things ever! Which is a problem, because if I eat light enough food, I can eat forever. But give me heavy food and I’m dead after a plate. You get the gist of what I’m saying. My favorite dishes that there is are spaghetti squash, bacon-sautéed brussels sprouts and scalloped potatoes. This is all after ham and turkey, just to clarify. If you don’t know what spaghetti squash is it, basically is squash that has been pulled apart to look like little pieces of spaghetti noodles cooked with cheese spread throughout the dish. So good!

Thanksgiving: Hate:(

My two problems with this holiday is that I eat way to much, and by eating to much, I end up in a food coma. See, like I explained, I can eat a lot, thanksgiving being no exception. S there I am, eating a scoop of EVERYTHING AT THE DINNER and later falling asleep. I partially blame the turkey, because there is apparently something in it that makes you sleepy.

Christmas: Love:)

Now, hear me out on this one. I am well aware that there is still 78 days until Christmas, but the fact that I know how many days there is exactly, should give you a clue as to what I’m about to type. I love it because advertisement has already started! I find it so fun to see what the “cool” gifts are and comparing it to when I was young is hilarious, I find. And seeing all of the decorations out in stores in November makes me thrilled that Christmas is coming, which means that there is just over half of the school year left. After Halloween and thanksgiving, it’s really the closest holiday to look forward to, unless you count black Friday as a holiday.

Christmas: Hate:(

As much as i do love Christmas, it also gets on my nerves when, I don’t know, things like false Christmas trees are in stores in SEPTEMBER! Can people honestly not wait until December? I always get a real tree, and I’m totally not saying that false ones are really because people have reasons, but I at least wait until, um… the week before Christmas until I buy it so that it doesn’t go bad. Sometimes I just feel like it is way to early to put your Christmas supplies right next to your Halloween costumes. You see what I’m saying?


That is it for my love hate relationship, but I had so much fun doing it, I want to do another one! If we can get this post to five likes, I’ll do one for another holiday/season. Were starring off pretty easy, so I really hope that we can reach that goal! I also want to know what you love/hate about fall, so comment down below that. Today’s question-of-the-post is: What is your favorite thing to eat at thanksgiving? I know it’s probably really early for a lot of us to be asking that question, but I saw in my calendar that the Canadian thanksgiving is this weekend! I’ll talk with you guys next week, and remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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