Beauty Myths Busted

Hi everybody! Today I will be coming at you with a beauty post! I realize that I haven’t actually done one of these on my blog before, so I decided that it would be fun to bust some beauty myths for you guys! I’m always super curious as to why this happens and if they are pliable, so mix that with beauty and bam! You’ve got some secrets spilled out in front of you! I also wanted to thank you guys so much for helping me reach my Christmas goal: I am pleased to say that our family is three away from twenty followers! I am so happy that you decided to stick around, my lovely followers. Without further ado, let’s get on with the post!

Myth 1: Shampooing after washing doesn’t make a difference

False! It actually does make a difference because your shampoo and conditioner can cause b-acne. If you wash your body after you shampoo and condition, you are way less likely to have any problems.

Myth 2: Picking at dry lips is fine

False! I’m really bad with this habit, but after reading this lovely article from bustle, I have since tried to stop. In short, picking at your lips create a cycle of dryness that might never stop if you keep picking at your lips. If you have ever wondered why your lips are chapped in the summer, heres the answer!

Myth 3: Hand-sanitizer works as deodorant

True! this one surprised me a lot. Apparently the science behind it is that with the disinfectants found in hand sanitizer, it will kill perspiration bacteria and make sure that you don’t smell! This is more of an emergency situation though, as in, you have no deodorant and your about to go somewhere with lots of people.

Myth 4: You can use mascara on your brows

True! You can take a brown mascara and use the wand to fill your brows. The only problem with this is if you are a blond. Though apparently blondes have more fun, I’m pretty sure your options are pretty limited for finding a proper coloured mascara. I’ve never used this on my brows before, so I can’t say if it’s for a daily basis or not, but you’re more that welcome to tell me in the comments below!

Myth 5: Pinching cheeks gives you a blush colour

False! I was always told that if you pinch your cheeks, you get your blush colour. Apparently I’ve been lied to my whole life, because I just found out that your blush should be the colour of your finger tips. To get the proper colour, pat the blush into your palm, or hold up the blush compact and compare it to your finger tips. I think this method gives you more natural colours, since pinching cheeks usually give a bright colour.

Myth 6: Phone calls are bad for your skin

True/False. The reason I say true/false is because its not the phone call thats bad for you, it’s the phone itself. In a recent study, there was proof that your cell phone is dirtier than a public washroom. Don’t believe me? Think about it: a public washroom is normally cleaned once a day, if not more. When was the last time that you washed your phone? Exactly. All of the germs on your phone are now being transferred onto your face. EW!

There we go, my six myths for you guys. I really liked doing a beauty post for a change, so if you want to see more, give this post a like. We’re also in November now, which means that Christmas is right around the corner! Don’t forget to drop a Christmas question for my Christmas Q&A in the comments. I have some pretty exciting posts coming up that I think you guys might find funny, so stay tuned for that. My question-of-the-post for today is: what is your ride-or-die makeup product? I’ll see you guys next week, and don’t forget that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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