Winter Through The Years

Hello everybody, how are you on this lovely morning/afternoon/evening? Today I have brought to you a “Winter through the years” segment where we will be comparing different life things from all life perspectives, essentially. I thought that it would be fun to compare this in-between fall/winter season that we are in. I had a good laugh putting the different ages to a blurb, and I hope you guys enjoy the post. Let’s get into it!

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.08.53 PM.png

Newborn-12 Months

This is the year that your parents spend the whole winter fussing over wether you are warm enough, sleep enough and don’t go outside without a full snowsuit. I find that newborn baby’s especially are so cute with their little faces and their thick layers of blankets and sweaters. At Christmas-time as well, there is always that one relative that will knit the cutest little blanket, that will naturally be used all winter long.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.13.40 PM.png

2-3 Year Olds (Toddlers)

Ah, the experimentation years. When your in this stage of life, everything is new.. strange. So of course, you ask questions about everything, like these “What is dat white stuff outsoooide?” and “Why is it so cowd?” (Please excuse my spelling, I was trying to spell it how they say it). Usually, people will give reeeeeaaaaly simple answers, or reeeeaaaaly complicated answers that the poor toddlers wouldn’t understand. So they go find out for themselves, usually with a funny outcome.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.21.15 PM.png

4-9 Year olds (School aged)

School aged children, in my opinion, are the best during the winter time. They can find sooo many ways to entertain themselves indoors and outdoors. The only thing that you have to help them with is getting dressed, then they’ll come back inside, about three hours later with the biggest smiles and really flushed, rosy cheeks. They also love to play with their friends, so that takes one more thing off of your list of things to do. But, if you have younger siblings, I highly encourage you to get out and play with them. Once, Garry, Sabah, Laarni and I made colossal snow balls!

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.30.37 PM.png

10-12 Year olds (Preteens)

This is a very confusing winter time. You think that your too old to play in the snow, but you really, really want to. So you decide to hang out with your friends outside, but make it look like your just hanging out, not playing of course (*laughs nervously*). I find it so funny looking back, realizing I would do that with my friends and just end up full-blown playing in the snow.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.37.02 PM.png

13-16 Year olds (Teens)

By the time your a teenager, you usually use the winter for four things: 1. A reason to stay indoors, 2. An excuse to be hyped for Christmas, 3. The key to SUPER cute photos and 4. Shamelessly drinking lots of coffee/ hot chocolate. I mean, when your a teenager the only reason to be outside is if your having a photo shoot, right? Otherwise, you would be curled up by the fire, reading a book or scrolling through your phone. Or, in my case, editing a blog post.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.43.18 PM.png

17-22 Year olds (High school & University)

Forget about being outside and enjoying the holidays: your swamped with homework! You have two papers due on Monday, a lab report due Tuesday, a history essay, a science project and a flu shot Wednesday, a study session and a 50 page math assignment due Thursday and a super-important speech that you have to give in english class on Friday. Did I mention you still have all of your chores and extra-curriculars to manage too? The winter months are stressful, especially since with Christmas break coming up, so is a report-card. You’ve had so much on your plate, you haven’t even had the time to ring in the holiday season! Wait, is it snowing outside?

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.51.55 PM.png

25-50 Years old (Parents)

I’m not going to sugar-coat it: parent hood in the winter is probably the most stressful thing ever. You have to make sure that your kids don’t get sick, which means you have to go out and get snow suits, hats, mitts, medicine for if they do get sick. Then you have to keep the house warm and germ-free, schedule-in time for family time, Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, house work… the list goes on. Right! Theres also a full-time job that you need to maintain too!

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 6.05.44 PM.png

60+ Years old (Seniors)

This is the prime time in life. There is so much time to really do what you love, and you can really do that in the winter. You can spend a lot of time just doing things: baking, reading, outside walking, the list can go on and on. If you have grandkids, it’s a great time to spend time with them and just be happy. Especially during the holidays, there is just so much to be happy about! You know what they say, being a senior is like being a (older) kid. Or am I the only one that says that?

Hope that you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun doing it, and had a good  laugh  finding the photos for it. I plan to do many more winter posts, so if you want to see more and you liked this post, maybe give a follow? Also, as we near the holidays, please leave your Christmas questions below! As I remember, it’s time for me to ask you a question. Todays question-of-the-post is: What funny winter memory do you have? I remember one winter getting stuck in the snow because it was so deep! A less funny part of that memory though is that my shoe came off and got buried… oh well. See you next week, and remember that you are amazing!-GRACEFUL



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