One Lovely Blog Award

Hi everybody! I just have to say, I am so sorry for being off my blog-game! But, today I am back with another blog post, and even better yet, I’m going to be doing the one lovely blog award. I was nominated by the lovely itsnira, I think you guys should really check out her blog and give her the follow that she deserves! Let’s get to it!

1. Post to accept the nomination
2. Thanks the person who nominated you and a link back to their blog
3. List 7 things about yourself
4. Link to the blogs you nominate
5. Notify the recipients of their award
6. Post the rules

  1. I set my alarm for 6:27 every morning, but don’t get up until 6:30.
  2. I don’t wear earrings when I’m working out or babysitting because I don’t want to tear my earlobes.
  3. I tie my shoes using the double-bunny ear method.
  4. It bugs me when my socks don’t match, but on others it’s fine with me.
  5. I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, although her title is losing it’s hold on me.
  6. I keep a journal.
  7. We have reached a very important milestone!

I nominate:

Little Wise Owl

Beauty Girl MoniqueBe Quirky Stay Lovely

Soph Faith Dot Com

Zo Bird

My Life Online

Pink Princess Olivia

Girl On Rainbow

Now, your probably wondering why I included that we hit a very important milestone. That milestone is…


I honestly appreciate each and every one of you that decided to hit that follow button, and I hope that we can continue to grow our family! You guys are actually the best, and it makes me feel good inside that someone, somewhere likes what I’m creating.

Thank you all for the support on this blog and for helping us reach our Christmas goal!! We only need one more follower, if I don’t count myself. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and that you maybe decide to stick around (as in follow). I’m going to keep this part short, so that you don’t have to read to much, but there will be a couple of changes coming with the holiday months…! So my question-of-the-post today is: What kind of holiday related things would you like to see from me? Don’t forget to try and un-scramble the last fact and remember that you are amazing!-GRACEFUL


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