November Favourites

AH! I can’t believe that I’m writing November! Where has the year gone! It’s almost December! Anyways, this month I would like to share with you some of my favourite things of November. Again, I’m very sorry for last weeks lack of blogging, there was just a lot of family things that, naturally, come first. I hope that you guys like this post and lets get on into it! Also, one month ’till Christmas!

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 2.54.47 PM.png

Bath&Body Works Twisted Peppermint Scent

This scent is by far my favourite Christmas scent! It, first of all, smells EXACTLY like peppermint, which makes me insanely happy and second of all, the scent lasts forever. I have had this bottle of hand cream for… about four years. A little goes a very long way! I have actually used a lot more than what you see in the picture, I just shook it up so it looked like it was full again 😉. I’m not exaggerating, I think i want my room to smell like this for the next month. I might have to buy their room perfume in this scent…

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 2.55.02 PM.png

Music And Guitar

I don’t think that any of you know this, but I know how to play the guitar! I have especially been trying to practise more, since we have the holidays coming up (*fist pump*), which means only one thing: Christmas music! That leads into the second thing, my favourite music right now. I have been listening to Christmas music, but not super frequently. November is more of a sad month and I felt like I could lay it off for now. I do have LOTS of regular music that I have been listening to though. For example, I have finally hoped on the ‘Sia Train’ and I have no regrets! Her voice is so raw and real, she has so much talent! I bought ‘This Is Acting’ as the deluxe version, and I really love ‘Bird Set Free’ As well as ‘Reaper’. Both put out such good messages for self empowerment! I have also been loving Daya. Her new album ‘Sit Still Look Pretty’ is very upbeat and dance-like. I love it, as well!

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 2.55.11 PM.png

Bioré Deep Pore Cleanser

This. Stuff. Is. The. Best! It is a daily shower-cleanse and I love it! You pump it into your hand, massage it until it foams then massage it into your skin until it tingles! At first, I hadn’t read the instructions clearly, and I wasn’t massaging it after I had put it on my face, so I just let it sit there. But since re-reading it, I am now getting even better results! The only downfall of this is if you don’t moisturize,  your skin will be dry and oily, so I use the ‘Clean&Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer’.


Christmas Stationary

Before December starts, I like to have subtle nods to the holidays, and these pencils are the best! They are scented! Yes, you read that right, scented! They smell like cinnamon and Candy canes and I am in LOVE! The brand is smencils (also check, if you want to check it out (this is not sponsored).

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 2.55.40 PM.png

Snowflake Earrings

These little guys are the cutest things ever! They are sparkly, and holiday ready, another small nod to the holidays. They don’t infect my ears, they aren’t to big, they are just… perfect!

Okay, that’s it for today! I hope that you all enjoyed this post, and if you liked it, give it a like! But if you loved,  follow for more posts like this! There will definitely be some more Christmas themed posts coming up, so make sure you comment down below what you want to see. Also, this weeks question-of-the-post is: How do you cozy up on a cold night? I like to get my jammies on, log onto my blog and get reading/writing! Remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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