CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!: Blogmas Day 24!!

7:50 The Hallway IT’S CHRISTMAS EEEEEEEVE!!!!!! It’s not even Christmas day, and I had trouble sleeping! It’s 7:50, and it’s the last day of advent, so let’s see what we got! Ooh! It’s a present! It’s so cute. *Then proceeds the troubles of hanging the ornament* We did it! It’s Christmas eve! We’ve been letting […]

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Short & Sweet: Blogmas Day 21

Hi everybody! Welcome back to BLOGMAS DAY 21!!!! THAT IS CRAZY!!! I know that this post is really short, but I’ve been spending extra time with my family, and I was inspired to do this post because of it. I think that the true meaning of Christmas is not commercialized at all, that it’s standing […]

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Weekend Reads: Blogmas day 15

Hello tout-la-monde (everyone)! How is life today? I am back with Blogmas Day 15, which is COMPLETELY BOGGLING MY MIND. How do we only have ten more days until Christmas? I know that the holidays can be hectic, and I have done these three posts to help y’all out, but we also need time to just sit back, relax […]

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