Tournaments & Trees: Blogmas Day 4

7:16 am, My Room

Good morning everyone and welcome back to Blogmas Day 4! Today I have a day-in-the-life post prepared, well, it’s not really prepared since I’m writing it play by-play, but you know what I mean. Let’s get started with the day!It is 7:16, and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be awake yet, but we all have to be up early since we kind of have a big day ahead. We are driving out-of-town for Garry’s football tournament today, which is an hour or so, and then we are getting a Christmas tree! Honestly, that’s the only reason I’m going since I LOVE Christmas trees! Watching Garry play football though is so much fun, since it’s so competitive. Which is kinda nerve-wracking and I love it😂! Not too much else is going on today and you guys are going to get to come with us! I mean me, you know what I mean! Anyways, goodbye for now, and I will see you in the next clip!

8:10, My Room

Update, so it is 8:10 and Laarni and Sabah have intruded the room.
Laarni and Sabah: Hi!
Laarni: We’re looking for some soap!

Yeah, they’re  looking for my soap. I lost some soap, as weird as that sounds. Ugh (*Get’s people out of room and shuts door*)! So, outfit of the day: We got a burgundy and grey striped top, with a matching scarf, some black leggings and fuzzy candy cane socks. Anyways, the story is with my missing soap, I went to take pictures of a couple of things for an upcoming blog post and I took out the soap. Then I put it back in the shower, and it’s a bottle of soap, so I wasn’t worried. I go to use my soap last night, and it’s not there! I don’t know if I’m blind, and can’t find it, or if someone took it and is just not telling me. It’s kind of frustrating.

Not too much else has happened this morning, I had some granola for breakfast, did some writing. I actually do keep a journal, it just makes me feel super relaxed and organized. I also might do a  notebook collection for you guys, because I have a million of them! I don’t have much else to say, so I will see you guys… probably on the road. BYYYE!😋

9:15, In The Car

We are in the car and we are driving to the football tournament and to get our tree! Heres Garry all pumped up to play! Actually he’s reading. Yeah, so we’re in the car and ‘The Polar Express’ is playing. Good movie guys. So I’m just watching that, and blogging, writing. But that’s my update, it’s 9:15 am and… it’s snowing! It’s hard to see, but it’s there, just trust me. It’s snowing on the day we get our Christmas tree, I think it’s a sign. Anyways I will be back with another update, see you then!

11:10, In The Car

We just got back from Garry’s match, tell us the outcome Garry.

Garry: “What outcome?”
How was the game?
Garry: “Good *shrugs*?”
What was the score?
Garry: “I don’t know🙄!”
It was 2-1 for Garry’s team, it was a very good game. They were playing an equally competitive team. But they won, I love watching this kind of football because it’s like live television. Yeah, we are going to go get some lunch…

Garry: “Some lunchy lunchy”

After that we have another game to go to and then we’re going to go get our Christmas tree😊! I’ll probably have more footage from that…

Garry: “You filmed my match?”
No, you aren’t allowed cameras in there. But yeah, their coach gives them marks on the game, like school, so this time they got a B+ and last time they gat a C-, so big improvements. It was a good game, and we will be back soon.

 12:46, In The Car

Just got back from lunch and now we are going to be doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. Laarni, Sabah, do you have anything to say?

Sabah: “Oh, I do! I do! I am a big blabber-mouth and I think it’s hilarious! Merry Christmas”
Laarni: “Hi, I’m Laarni and I love dogs, and I mostly love Huskies so if you want to give me a present, um, you can get me anything husky”

Ok, so we are in between the football matches, so we are going to do a little shopy shopping! I might pick up a magazine, ’cause magazines are fun and ya. See ya!

15:08, In The Car

Okay, so it’s 15:08 and we’re going to get a Christmas tree! Yeah, we’re on the road to get a Christmas tree, and I’m so, so excited. I love the smell of Christmas tree’s, and the look of them and the lights on them and I will update you when we get there, because nothing is happening right now.

15:28, Christmas Tree Lot

We’re getting a Christmas tree! We’re here! Everybody’s here and we’re getting the tree! I’m so excited! Theres so many trees, it smells like Christmas, I’m kind of freaking out right now. I love Christmas so much! Let’s go down this nice row of trees. Theres people here😖! Theres people, I don’t like that their watching me film this.

We found a nice tree! It looks so good! Garry is struggling to lift the tree😂. Lift it up! It’s so nice though, it’s good and full. We have a winner! The tree has been picked, it will fit the fam well. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the house!Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 6.42.02 PM.png


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