Gift-Guide For Sisters/Cousins: Blogmas Day 6

Twas’ the night before Christmas and all through the house

You were in a panic, scurrying like a mouse

You had forgotten again, your present for sis!

How could she have been someone to miss?

Out to the car, you flew like a jet

Oh what on earth could you get?

Time was running out, 3 hours, at most

Why hadn’t you read GRACEFUL’S gift-guide post?

 Hello! And here we are, Blogmas day six where I have yet another gift guide post. This time  with a twist: I have some expertise from some other girls as well! Welcome Laarni, my helper for this gift guide. Without further ado, lets get into it!

0-1 Years Old:

This is the age where the kids themselves don’t exactly know what Christmas… is. So the parents will appreciate you if you purchase, say, diapers and onesies.

2-4 Years Old:

Now, children around this age are a bit more aware of Christmas, or, the parents have things on their Wishlist for the kid. I suggest stuffed animals and blocks. Laarni say: Well, 2-4 year olds probably like soft, colourful things.

5-7 Years Old:

School aged kids are a bit harder to shop for, since they know what they want. Laarni says: “They like stuffed animals, lego, snow things. And they like colouring stuff and dress-up clothes”

8-10 Year Olds:

Laarni says: “Lego, stuffed animals, technology, board-games, FurReal friends, Shopkins(?). For ten year olds, maybe like, earrings/jewelry, clothes

12-17 Years Olds:

Okay, I know that this is a wide spectrum, but your wants normally stay the same here. I think that you could kind of get similar things for the next five years. Laarni says: “Clothes, money, jewelry and technology. Done”


And that’s it for Blogmas day 5! I hope that you now know what to get for your sisters and cousins. I hope you enjoyed the post, and maybe follow if you did. I have been loving Blogmas so much, as I hope you do too. My question-of-the-post for you today is: What did you put on your Christmas Wishlist? Thats all for today! Remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL



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