Gift-Guide For Brothers/Cousins: Blogmas Day 7

Twas’ the night before Christmas and all through the house

You were in a panic, scurrying like a mouse

You had forgotten again, your present for bro!

Why was Christmas shopping going so slow?

Out to the car, you flew like a jet

Oh what on earth could you get?

Time was running out, 3 hours, at most

Why hadn’t you read GRACEFUL’S gift-guide post?

 Hello everybody! We are already at Blogmas day 7, which is kind of blowing my mind, not gonna lie. I can’t believe were already seven days into Blogmas! This will be my last gift guide of the year, but I definitely have a lot more fun stuff to post! I’m going to try and keep this short, so let’s get into it!

0-1 Years Old:

Honestly, babies do not know what Christmas is, so it doesn’t really matter what you get them, just as long as it will help the parents. I think you could get the same things as you could a baby girl, so if you haven’t checked out that post, do that after reading this.

2-4 Year Olds:

Same thing goes for this age group, they won’t really understand the hype until they are three/four years old. So go off of what was put in that age group for my last post. Just make sure that you customize the gifts off of what the kid is like.

5-7 Year Olds:

This is the age when things start to get tricky. What could your brother/cousin possibly want for Christmas? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Sadly, I don’t have any offered expertise to back me up (Garry wasn’t feeling up to the job).

8-10 Year Olds:

There is pretty much one thing that boys this age like: video games. Now, this is quite stereotypical of me to say, but it’s true that now, video games are life for lots of people. Here are some fun things that will help you figure out what to get your bro.

12-17 Year Olds:

Lets be honest, teenage boys are hard to shop for. Period. Even harder, they never actually tell you what they want.


There we have it! I hope you guys enjoyed my last gift guide post! I had so much fun creating this, and I hope that this helped you guys. Do you have any blogmas recommendations? If so leave them in the comments down below. Todays question of the post is: Do you have any funny gift-giving stories? Make sure to tell them for me so that I can have a good laugh, and so can everyone else. Remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL



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