Where Are You Christmas?: Blogmas Day 8

Hello everybody! Welcome back to Blogmas day 8! As much fun as the holidays can be, there are times when you might have trouble finding your holiday sprit. Well, I am here to help! I think that it’s important to keep yourself in check, meaning that if you have to take time for yourself, do it! So let’s get into it!

When You Feel Overwhelmed:

It’s okay to feel over whelmed, especially when you have a million things to do. The easiest thing to do that will help calm you down is to clean up, literally. Taking a bath really let’s you take back your own, because you know that you actually have nothing to do while you soak. Using essential oils like lavender will help to calm you down. Another thing that calms you down? Chocolate! Any excuse to eat chocolate, ya know?

Another way to get more off your plate is to make a list of wants and needs. I know, I know, it’s a flashback to your first years of school. But it honestly helps! For example, you have to study for your math test, but you want to go to Felicia’s party. You can also use a method called chunking. It sounds a lot grosser than it actually is, you have my word. ‘Chunking’ is when you separate all of the things on your needs list, and put a chunk of time for that thing. P.S: Time for yourself should totally be on your needs list.

When You Don’t Feel Christmas-y:

Imagine this: Your at the mall Christmas shopping, all of the decorations are out, their playing Christmas music. You have a hot holiday drink in your hand and your even wearing red. But *gasp!* you don’t feel in the Christmas spirit! Do not worry, this happens to way more people than you might think. Really, all this means is that you should spend some more time with your fam. Holiday cheer doesn’t always come from the holidays, you know. Also, chilling with some classic movies you watched as a kid can help trigger some memories that will help find your Christmas. Otherwise though, I wouldn’t worry.

When You Feel Too Christmas-y:

Yes, there is such a thing as being to Christmas-y. We all love the holiday season, but you know you need to dial it back when you start calling yourself… an elf. Start by putting your regular music back into your playlist. One or two songs a week to start, then slowly add more. I think having some Christmas spirit in your system is good, as long as you help others with it. Know a friend that’s a bit down? Use your spirit to help them out.

When You  Doubt Yourself:

“I ate way to much!” “Did I get her a good enough gift?” “What will people think of my outfit?”. There are so many ways to doubt yourself during the holidays, the time of stress. So if your ever feeling down, look no further than this post. If your ever having thoughts like, “I ate way to much! I feel so fat now”, don’t worry. Simply go to the bathroom, look  yourself in the mirror and list all of your good qualities. If you need to, ask your closest friend what your best quality is, then smile, say that you look fabulous and walk back out like you own the place!

If your doubting your gift-giving skills, it’s easy to over-think something so simple. It’s the holidays! The person that you gifted will be totally grateful for what you give them. However, if that pesky voice in your head tells you to worry, repeat this in your head: “[Insert name here] is going to love the gift I gave them! I put thought and effort into it and I think it’s something that they will like. There’s no reason for me to feel bad.”

Finally, clothing seems to be an issue for most teenage girls. You of course have to like it, but it also has to be covering everything, so that Aunt Betty doesn’t get mad. Oh, and it has to be warm or Grandma Jean will throw a fit. Right, no ripped jeans because Uncle Harry will ask if you paid extra for holes in your pants. You almost forgot, you still have to look ladylike and presentable for Mom. Sometimes, you find yourself dressing for others more than your dressing for you. Who cares if ripped jeans is your style? I bet you rock that! So what your dress features your figure? It doesn’t affect anyone if you like it. Wear what you want, and know that you own it!

When You Are Always Late:

So, let’s review your schedule. If being booked everyday is your calendar, it’s important to be on time for everything. Problem is, your always late. What do you do? Set a timer for literally everything! Getting ready to go to a party? Set a specific amount of time for each step in your prep: 10 mins. to shower, 20-30 mins. for your hair, 15-20 mins. for makeup, 5 mins. for a once over. Same thing for getting out the door: set a timer for getting ready to leave, then another timer for when you have to be out the door. Time management is everything when your busy!

And there we have it, yet another blogmas post is finished up! It’s going by so fast! I can’t even believe there’s only 16 more days of Blogmas! Todays question-of-the-post is: How do you take time for yourself? That is all for today, but I will be back tomorrow! Remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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