How Will You Enjoy Your Hot-Chocolate?: Blogmas day 16

Okay everyone, today I am trying something a little bit different. Blogmas Day 16 is… drumroll please… a QUIZ! This is really new to me, and I don’t know if you’ll even like it! I personally like quizzes, seeing how accurate they are and all. I don’t want to go on for too long, so here is The Hot Chocolate Quiz!

1. It’s a cold, windy day outside. What do you have planned to do?

A. Read/write some blog posts. Thats what winter days were made for!

B. Try and get some Christmas wrapping done, but I have so many other things to do!

C. Is that even a question?! I’ll be binge watching Christmas movies!

2. When your friends and family are shopping for you, what should they be browsing for?

A. Candles, for nice smells and awesome backdrops

B. Running shoes, because I’m always on the go

C. Funny nick-naks, preferably for my favourite things

3. What does your Christmas playlist look like?

A. All of the classics, of course!

B. Remixes of the classic songs, to keep me moving

C. Covers by all the latests music-stars

4. Do you have a favourite holiday food/drink?

A. Any and all baking! The prettier, the better

B. Special holiday coffees. Gotta stay awake somehow!

C. Ham and turkey. People love these two things

5. How do you decorate your house?

A. Usually silver, gold and white. Like what you would see online

B. With a tree. It’s the fastest thing to do

C. I put up lots of funny decorations that have a story to go with them

6. Christmas day fashion?

A. Depends on what’s trendy that year

B. Something nice, but still comfy

C. Pyjamas all the way!

7. Your dreaming of a ____ Christmas

A. Totally white! It makes everything look nicer

B. Green. WAY easier for running

C. I’m not the only one that wishes we had coloured snow, am I?

8. How do you wrap your gifts to others?

A. I usually have a different theme each year

B. I just use whats in the house

C. Cartoons on paper is the best, especially for kids


Mostly A’s: Artsy

You seem to like things that would make a great blog-post. Basically if it seems artsy, your in! Your hot chocolate is the same way: use a cup with a cute design or quote on it, then add in your hot chocolate. Top with some whipped cream and chocolate shavings for the most instagramable drink out there!screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-19-21-pm

Mostly B’s: On-The-Go

Your life seems pretty busy, so you need something that travels well and is quick to make. I know your probably thinking, “I have no time to make my own!” Fear not, this will be super quick. Use a holiday travel-mug (that ensures you won’t spill your beverage) and some plain-old hot chocolate mix. Want more pizzaz? Add some peppermint extract or cinnamon for some more flavours!screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-19-32-pm

Mostly C’s: Kid At Heart

Childhood memories are the best, especially when you can add some of your childhood back into your life. Use a mug with your favourite TV character on it or a funny phrase, anything that reminds you of the glory-days. Even better, top with PLENTY of marshmallows, just like mom used to do.screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-19-43-pm






Well there we have it, a quiz. A little disclaimer, this isn’t supposed to make you feel like you have to be or act a certain way, it was just a fun little thing that I enjoyed writing, and I hope that you enjoyed reading. Who knows? If you like it, I might do another one! Possibly aimed at the new year…🤔. Today’s question of the post is: What did you get as your result? That is all that i have prepared for today, but I will be back tomorrow! Always remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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