Crazy Christmas Shopping: Blogmas day 17

8:15 My Room:

Good morning everybody! Welcome back to Blogmas Day 17! *Note from the future: I lost the clip that I had recorded from this time, so I am making guesses* I have another day in the life post for today that I have started, and we are going Christmas shopping! I am so excited, because the last time I went shopping was last March and I still have gift cards leftover from last Christmas! So every year, we draw names for who we are shopping for, and this year (again) I got Garry! I already got his gift though, so today I’m going to do some shopping for myself! I’m really excited, and I will blog more later!

8:20 My Room:

Okay guys, update. It is not even five minutes later and Sabah. Is. Sick. I don’t think that it’s the flu or anything, because we had a couple of family members over last night and we had A LOT of sweets out and she just kept ateing 🙄eating and eating and eating, so I think she threw-up from all of the sugar, but I REALLY don’t want to get what she has, if she does have anything because I have kind of a busy week. I’m busy tonight, I’m busy tomorrow, I’m busy Monday night, I’m busy Tuesday night, I’m busy Wednesday night and  I’m busy all Thursday. So ya. I really hope she’s okay. Bye for now!

8:55 My Room:

Update! It is 8:55, almost 9:00 and I decided to get ready. So I am wearing a grey top that says “Shine Bright” on it with some black leggings again. I wore my candy-cane socks yesterday so they are in the laundry, but I just checked my WordPress account and you guys have really been showing the love for yesterday’s post! I’m so happy that you guys liked it, because I went out on a bit of a limb and I enjoyed writing that post so much! I am definitely going to do more! Also, WE HIT 30 FOLLOWERS!!!!! What?! Thank you to everybody that has followed, you’re all amazing and I’m so glad that I found blogging and that you guys like what I like to write! I think it’s almost a sub-consious fear that some bloggers have that they are creating content that they enjoy, but maybe it’s not be found. But you guys rock! I consider myself a baby-blogger, and everybody has shown so much support!

Also, something else that happened this morning: Garry lost and found 20€. Who looses that much money at one time? I mean considering next to some amounts it’s not a whole lot, but still. Really Garry? He’s very good at loosing stuff. I think that Sabah also just over-ate, because she has been acting COMPLETELY normal. I have been eating an apple because MY stomach hurts so badly from being hungry, so that’s my problem.

I’m so exited because I think, I don’t want to jinx it, but I think that were going to have a white Christmas, Knock on wood! We had the amount of snow in one week as we did last year in a couple of months. We barely got any snow last year, which was kind of great. So that’s exiting! We are going to be leaving here soon because I have to be back here for 13:00 for an appointment, which i will not blog about because it would just be weird trying to get my eyebrows done and type at the same time. that’s all i have to say for now, so… bye!

In The Garage:

So we are getting ready to leave, and it’s kind of hectic already, so I think by the time we get to the mall it’s going to be absolutely insane! Guys, I’m going to splurge: I think I’m going to get Starbucks. So, Sabah is going to come shopping with me because she is getting a gift for Laarni and I’m getting a gift for Garry, but I already got him one, so i’m going shopping for me. It’s going to be a new experience, so yeah, let’s go!

10:59 In The Car:

Okay, I’m kind of fan-girling a little bit because they just played a song by ZAYN and Taylor Swift, and Taylor hasn’t released any new music for 2 and a bit years, so I was so happy to here that. So it’s 10:59, 11:00, so i just wanted to update on the way there! Bye!

Parking Lot:

Were heeeere! It’s really busy, but not as busy as it could be I guess. I’m gonna sneeze! ACHOO!!!! There we go. Normally I sneeze three times, or more, but were here and were going to get our shopping on! I’m probably not going to vlog in the store to much. probably not at all, but I will definitely vlog afterwards. I’m not going to tell any names of the mall. Oh my gosh, I’m sweating! I think I’m going to leave my winter jacket in the car and just wear my green jacket. Le’s go! OOH! It’s kinda chilly! it’s gross out here.

13:36 In The Parking Lot:

Okay, I did lot’s of damage! I’ve got quite a bit of stuff here! When I het home I will definitely do a haul for you. I think tomorrow I will wrap Garry’s gift…

Garry: Is it clothes or an object?
Me: You’ll see

I got some stuff from Lush and Bath & Body Works, got some clothes. Is gon be good, Is gon be good! It was a good couple of hours that we spent at the mall. I also canceled my appointment for today, so that’s good. It was crazy! By the time I was done in Bath & Body Works and Lush, since I did them two-in-a-row, I was gagging. There was so many scents (and people!) and they all smelled so nice, but not all at once. *makes face*. I will be back, we are about to go into the book store, so the shopping still will not end. I tend to complain about lack of shopping, but then I do a couple hours in a row and I hate it all over again!

14:46 In the Car:

And look what I got! My first Starbucks this winter, the second one in my life, yup. We are on our way home from shopping! Major fail, so we went into the book store so that Laarni could get Sabah a gift and Garry had some left-over birthday gift-cards, and they had a Starbucks there. So I got a peppermint hot-chocolate. They had these cardboard Christmas trees standing up, it was like a triangle box painted green, and it started to fall over. So I went to catch it, since it was going to fall on me, and I didn’t have a lid on my hot-chocolate, and it spilt all over me, and the floor and the tree. I was so embarrassed! So many people were there! I’m really sad to, because I had a football match today, but the weather just started to get really bad and it’s quarter to 15, and I had to leave at 15:30. it’s just not worth it since the weather is so bad, all the vehicles are moving slow, so i can’t go to my match. I also wasn’t able to go to my practise last night. Now I have some extra time to edit this post and study for some up-coming tests!

Alright, that was my second day-in-the life post this year! As always, it was so much fun doing all of the little video clips, then watching them back and typing. Expect to see more, because I will be trying to do day-in-the-life blogs for the last six days of Blogmas. I’m sorry that i didn’t include any pictures of the things I purchased, it is pitch-black outside! They will be up soon though, promise! Todays question-of-the-post is: What’s your outlook on Christmas shopping? That’s all today, I’ll see you tomorrow! Remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL

Items I Purchased:

  • ‘Tis The Season 3-wick candle
  • Winter Candy apple 3-wick candle
  • Don’t Mind The Ballistics bath bomb
  • Endless Weekend body spray
  • A Thousand Wishes body spray
  • Hello Beautiful body cream

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