Birthday’s And Brunch: Blogmas Day 18

9:59 My Room:

Sorry guys, I’m a failed Blogger. I forgot to blog waking up! Anyways, today is kind of an exciting day, we are going to a brunch for a relatives birthday. I will definitely  be blogging then! To be honest, I was really excited to get dressed this morning because as you know, I went shopping yesterday and bought a new shirt. It’s really cute, it has criss-crosses in the back and is a light grey colour. So I wore that with some light blue jeans and that’s my #OOTD! For scents today (since I went shopping), I think I’m going to use the “Hello Beautiful” cream, just as it is. It’s so scented that I can wear it on it’s own, and it’s such a nice scent.

I also got a lot of work done yesterday evening. I did a lot of studying for my science test this week, and I also planned out eight different blog post ideas for every month for the next… year! I’m actually SO proud of myself, a huge accomplishment if I do say so myself. Anyways, we are going to leave soon because the brunch starts at 10:30, and Garry has to be at football for 11:30, so he’ll have an hour. See you soon!

10:30 Lorenzo’s House:

Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday Lorenzo! So, we just arrived and there is so. much. stuff! There is giant gingerbread cookies, this one’s mine. There is so many sweets, look at all this goodness! The whole fam is here, it’s just a big old party. It’s going to be a good brunch, a good party! OOH! The tree! It’s so nice in here! That’s all I have to say for now, byyyye!

10: 57 Lorenzo’s House

It’s time to decorate the ginger bread men! I’m not sure what I want to do first, I think I might do the face. I will update a little bit, I just got a polaroid of the birthday boy, and I will update in a little bit!

Lorenzo’s House

Made a little bit of progress on this gingerbread man. I gave him a gummy-bear candy nose, mini candy-coated chocolate eye’s, sprinkle vest and some full sized candy-coated chocolate buttons. Not much else has happened, we have everybody working on their respective gingerbread men. Laarni is covering her’s in white frosting, Garry is doing gummy-bear hat and fancy buttons, and Sabah’s is also all white with frosting. Other than that, I’ve just been eating and decorating. Radman over here has covered his completely in sprinkles. I will update more later!

11:25 Lorenzo’s House

We have finished! And… I think I’m one of the only one’s that tried. We’ve got a lot of food going on: some goat cheese in a log, mini quiche, spanakopita, fruit, donut holes, cream of mushroom dip and yeah! It’s not even noon and I feel like I ate to much already. We are all having a grand old time, talking with each other. I don’t think that Lorenzo even really cares. I’m just snacking on everything. Garry just left to go to football too. Remember yesterday when I said that I thought we would have a white Christmas? Well, I think I did indeed jinx it. It has warmed up 36 whole degrees over the course of two days, and it’s all melting :(. Look who it is! It’s Giovanni! Hi! He’s the dog relative. Where are we going boy? Into the living room, I guess. Alright, bye for now!

 14:43 My House

Okay, update, it is 14:43, and I just sat down to do some homework/study since I have a ton of tests this week coming. I also just lit the winter candy apple three wick candle and it smells AMAZING so far! Yeah, we just turned on Elf on Netflix and I’m going to do some homework and yeah! Go back to school tomorrow for those darned tests. At least they aren’t until tuesday. I’ll talk to you guys in a little bit. Bye!

There we go! Today’s blogmas post! I hope you have all been enjoying it, as I have been having a BLAST doing day-in-the-life posts, and you all seem to be liking them as well. Tomorrow I have a fun day planned, which includes something about Christmas presents. I’m so excited! Todays question of-the-post is: Can you guys guess what tomorrows post will be? If you think you can, leave a comment below. Otherwise, remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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