Wrapping Christmas presents!: Blogmas Day 19

6:45 My Room

Good morning everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas day 19! That is still so crazy to me! There is only five more days until Christmas! What?! Okay, so it is 6:45 and everybody is trying to get ready for work and school. As you guys know, since I’ve been complaining about it, I have to do some tests this week :(. What did I just walk on? Oh. So that’s what’s going on here. Last night, I must have been sleeping really well, because I have these electric candles that sit in my window at Christmas-time and I kicked them onto my bed while I was asleep! I woke up and they were sitting on the end of my bed! Well, I’m going to go eat some breakfast, and I will update after I come back home. Bye!

14:35 The Garage

Hi everybody! I am back from school, and it is 14:35. I am just about to go shopping for some “Secret Santa” that my friends and I did. I’m just kind of waiting to go, because everything around the house needs to be cleaned up and stuff like that. Nothing to exciting happened at school today, there was an ambulance that had to come, but mainly this afternoon I will be studying and you will all find out what my little surprise is that I talked about yesterday. It may or my not have something to do with that Secret Santa gift, who knows? That should be great.

Tomorrow I’m not going to have a “day in the life “post to put up because I am going to a Christmas party with  somebody that I haven’t seen since the summer, so I don’t want to be blogging and have to worry about putting up a blog post because I just want to spend some time with that person since I haven’t seen them in a really long time, so that should be good. Other than that, I’m just going to be shopping and studying, and yeah! I will see you guys in the next update! See ya!


Alright, hi everybody. Update, it is 16:21, and I just finished studying. I don’t have any more questions to do, but I will definitely do a review later on. So for dinner, I just had some spaghetti with a beef sauce that was really really good. I’m just kinda chillin’ because I will be doing the secret thing when I get home. Nothing else is going on today. My outfit of the day is a green and navy top with once again, black leggings that are fuzzy, since it is so cold. It warmed up 36 degrees over the weekend! So everything melted, and then it all froze, so there is SO much ice. Bye for now!

18:52 My Basement

So, it’s a lot later. And I’m wrapping presents! That’s what the secret surprise was, although y’all will know because of the title of this post. So I started with the Secret Santa gift, which is really hard to wrap, since it’s a bag of crisps, a mug, a mason jar mug-shaped candle and hot chocolate packages. I’m also wrapping Garry’s gift, which is a jumper for his football team and I think he’s REALLY going to like it! My battery is flashing, so i’m going to go, bye!

And that was that! I hope that you guys liked this post, as it was much shorter than my weekend posts, but that’s okay. If you did like it and want to see more of this blog, hit the follow button for more Blogmas posts! As I’ve said, I will just have a regular post up tomorrow, but that will probably be the last one of this year’s Blogmas. Todays question-of-the-post is: Have you ever done a Secret Santa exchange? That’s all for today, and remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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