Expectations VS. Reality Of Winter: Blogmas Day 20

Salve! That means ‘Hello’ in latin. I’m running out of ways to start my posts, so I decided to switch up the languages. We are back today with Blogmas Day 20! I don’t even know how the month snuck up on us like this! So let’s face it: every year we get this expectation that your winter will be the best one yet. And every year they probably don’t work out. I’ve gathered a few of them, since the day that I was doing the photography, I was snowed in! All the more seasonal, right? Let’s get into it!

Your Evenings:


Getting all cozy by the fireplace, ready to enjoy a good book. Nothing in the entire world could bother you on this snowy evening! Your parents and/or siblings have let you be, the lighting is low and the candles are burning. What a nice night!


Mom and Dad think that it would be lovely to go out for a walk in the evenings. Um, hello! It’s -30 degrees (Celsius) outside! Nonetheless though, you have to go out, later to have blue lips. And when you don’t have to go outside, your stuck entertaining the younger ones.

The Weather:


Lots of snow, beautiful landscapes full of snow. Lot’s of kids going around and sledding. Christmas will finally be white!


Of course, it’s completely warm and sunny. Not at all like winter! So once again, you will be celebrating Christmas with the grass. It’s always odd: there’s grass on the ground, but its still cold outside!



Red lipstick all day everyday.


Let’s be honest, who has time to perfect their lips everyday, just for it to get smudged! Not me, thats for sure!



No homework at all! Your teachers have the common sense to lay it off.


SO.MUCH.HOMEWORK. And not one of your teachers care that you should be hanging out with your family and friends instead of learning the science of snow.



Super cute outfits that completely complement you. Let’s face it: your the best dressed person after Kate Middleton!


It’sssss. Sssssso. Ccccold. You’ve gotta dress to match the weather: Winter hat, mittens, winter boots, long-johns, snow trousers, sweater, winter coat. The whole deal.

Here we are, the end of Blogmas Day 20! I hope that you enjoyed this post, as I thought that it was a very fun post to write. For the next days of Blogmas, I think I will be doing day in the life posts! Yay! Todays question-of-the-post is: Do you have any expectations for this winter? That is all for today everyone; but I will be back tomorrow with a day in the life! Remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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