January Favourites

سلام سلام (hey hey! in Pashto)! How’s it hangin’? January has been such a blur, I actually cannot believe that it’s over in a couple of days 🙁. But, per usual, I have another Favourites post, this time with a reflexion. My favourite things this month have mostly been materialistic and I was trying out some […]

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You Will Succeed

Hei i dag (Kommentar ned nedenfor hvis du vet hva dvs fra) (Hello today[comment down below if you know where thats from]! in Norwegian)! I am here today with a shorter post about life in general. Basically, I want to inspire as many people (all 44 of you) to give it your best shot because, […]

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Where Are We Now?

Aloha (hello in Hawaiian)! How are you doing today? If your having a good day, that’s awesome! If not, hopefully I can brighten up your day because I am back with my first ever SEGMENTS POST!! I am so excited for this, and I hope you are as well. As you might know, January is […]

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Getting Inspired

Hola a todos (hello everyone in Galician)! I hope you are having a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening! If so, YAY! If not, I hope I can help, because today we are talking about getting inspired! I know that that is sometimes hard to do, but getting inspired can feel like less of a task and more of […]

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Whats In My Bag?

Hola (hello in spanish)! How is everybody? Today I am doing a post that I have seen around couple of times, and that is the what’s in my bag post! It’s really fun to see the similarities and differences between different peoples handbags, so I hope you enjoy. Without further ado, vamos a entrar en el […]

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2017: Goals, Thoughts & Ideas

Happy new year! We are now into 2017, and I thought that I would make this post for all of you, but also for me. I am a big believer in obtaining realistic goals, therefore I am here to make a detailed list of (like the title says), goals, thoughts and ideas. I don’t want […]

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