2017: Goals, Thoughts & Ideas

Happy new year! We are now into 2017, and I thought that I would make this post for all of you, but also for me. I am a big believer in obtaining realistic goals, therefore I am here to make a detailed list of (like the title says), goals, thoughts and ideas. I don’t want to drone on for to long, so here we go!


  • Hit 50-100 followers: I understand that the later amount is a pretty big request, but I think that hitting 50 followers is pretty achievable. When I first started blogging, my first follower almost made me cry I was so happy. I didn’t think that anyone would read my posts. Now, we have almost 40 followers, therefore, it won’t be impossible.
  • Consistently plan posts: Though I am proud of my blog right now, I want to take my posts above and beyond, pushing my comfort zone. I have been planning a lot more posts recently, and I think that it’s helped me get what I want done.
  • Get inspired: I really want to get inspired more, whether that is to travel, bake, get outside, I really just want to be inspired by something. Something that is true to me. I’ve always wanted to travel, but never really set aside a plan. Now I have a plan to get out into the world, and all I have to do is find the right time to go.
  • Write a reflection every month: Sometime I feel like the month fly’s by, and I don’t remember any of it. So that’s why one of my goals is to start writing reflections, probably with each favourites post.
  • Learn how to do makeup: I really like doing makeup, it’s really fun, and a great way to express yourself. The problem is, I haven’t really learned how to do it properly. Well, rather I have, but don’t have the supplies. One of my goals is to learn how to properly learn how to do makeup.
  • Take more time for blogging: This I think is one of the most important things to me: I want to start blogging twice a week. I mentioned in a blogmas post that I came up with 8 different blogging ideas for every month? Well, I was preparing for blogging twice a week. I’m going to aim for Wednesdays and Saturdays, if not, Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Work on my positivity: I am generally a happy person, but everyone has time to be even happier. I sometimes notice myself having a negative outlook on the ting I’m doing, and I want to change that for the better.



  • Reign of the Republicans: Do I even have to say which election I’m talking about? The election of a new president for the united states has got to be one of the most opinionated elections ever! But besides all of that, I started to do some research. In the 1920’s there was an eruption of technology, just like right now.Everybody was buying into these new products, specifically the invention of the telephone- like right now. Of course, all of this nonsense (going off and buying whatever was on the shelves, even if you were poor) lead to a depression. People were out of money, banks were out of money, and companies were out of money.
    For the entire decade that the depression lasted, only republican presidents were elected. And what happened right after the depression? A second world war, that’s what. This is entirely my opinion, but I think we are about to repeat history. Just think about it (also sorry for potentially scaring anyone).
  • The music industry will have another “song trend”: This year, I noticed a lot of artists were incorporating dance beats in their music. For example, The ChainSmokers (?) got especially popular this year, because that’s the type of music they have always done. I’m not sure what it will be, but I sense another trend coming on.



  • Do some party planning: I love parties; wether I’m throwing them or attending them. I want to definitely throw more parties this year, and show you guys how through my blog. I think it would be really fun! I can picture an evening beach party already!
  • MAKE some recipes: Same with makeup, I love to bake/cook, but I’m not entirely good at it (or entrusted to do so). So this year I want to experiment and create some recipes from scratch. I think it will definitely be more baking, since thats what floats my boat, but I will do some summer dinners as well.
  • Put together a vision board every few months: I don’t know how well I’ll follow trough with this one, but I think it’s a good idea to at least try to make a vision board every few months. It will go with the reflection, and will catch me up on life.
  • Re-design my blog: Don’t get me wrong, I love the way my blog is laid out now, but I have grown from an entirely pink layout. I’m not stopping blogging, I’m just changing it up a bit, so stay on the lookout for those changes.
  • Do segments: The idea behind this is to do a couple of posts a month with a certain theme. There will be a different theme each month, with different aspects to each one:
  1. Where Are We Now?: Every January & July
  2. Decoration Nation: February
  3. Makeover: March
  4. Graceful or Wasteful?: April
  5. Beloved Breakfast: May
  6. Summer Lovin’: June
  7. Book Club: August
  8. The Struggle is Real: September
  9. Kitchen Catch-Up: October
  10. Quietly Quoting: November
  11. Blogmas: December


There we have it! My ode to the new year. For the rest of this month, I’ll try and do inspirational/motivational posts for y’all. For me as well, since it’s good for all of us. Today’s question of the post is: What are you looking forward to in the new year? I am definitely  hoping for more snow, since we had a green Christmas once again. That’s all for today, but I’ll be back soon! Remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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