Getting Inspired

Hola a todos (hello everyone in Galician)! I hope you are having a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening! If so, YAY! If not, I hope I can help, because today we are talking about getting inspired! I know that that is sometimes hard to do, but getting inspired can feel like less of a task and more of a reward if you follow these simple steps! I don’t want to keep you from happiness,entón imos … co post (so let’s get… on with the post in Galician)!

1. Follow Inspirational Accounts

I feel like this is kind of a no brainer because these are some of the things that we see everyday, so why not incorporate inspiration into your feed? Follow inspiring things on all of your social; WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest… anything and everything that you can do!

  • @Inspire_Us on Twitter
  • @elizabeth_gilbert_writer Instagram
  • @happsters Instagram
  • Board: Inspiration Pintrest
  • @100 Places Before You Die Pinterest
  • @Delectable Food Tumblr

2. Find A Cause

Now that you have the reminders surrounding you, you need a drive. Not a “Hey mom, can you drive me to the mall?” kind of drive, a “I have a goal that I am going to work towards” drive. Do you want to travel the world this year like me? Budget. Make steps to work towards your goal, set aside money each month until you have enough to reach your goal. Do you want to bake more? Make a grocery list and take the time to go get your shopping done. If you don’t work for your dream, then it must not be worth it.

3. Include Reminders

So you have an inspiration and a plan. Now all that dreaming has to go into action. Get out a planner and write down your dates to have something achieved. Tell your friends and family so that they can remind you. Make as many reminders on your phone as you can. The more you are reminded of your goal, the more likely you are to work hard for it.

4. Get Perspective

All of your big dreams might take away the focus on other parts of your life, so you MUST make sure you have time for the other important thing in your life. Also get perspective on your goal, weather or not it will take weeks, months or years. Say you want to amp up your photography; the perspective for that is to practise when you have time, not putting things aside. Maybe you want to re-do your room; that is a project that will take lots of time, but will also be in your spare time. Finally, if you plan on, say, studying extra hard for good grades, that should come before your extra curricular.

5. Take Action

Okay, so you have everything planned out. Good. Because now its time to work for what you want, girl (or guy). You have to put your dreams in action, do everything you need to achieve that goal. Now, it’s up to you and I can’t help anymore.

Soooooo. That was my ‘Getting Inspired’. I really hope that this helped you guys out. because we all need to spread the love! If you have any tips or tricks, feel free to comment them down below. And if you suddenly want to get inspired, give this post a like. If you want to see a post every Wednesday and Sunday, follow my blog. Today’s question-of-the-post is: What time is it when you are reading this? Remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL



5 thoughts on “Getting Inspired

  1. 9:50pm and I should probably go to sleep because I need to wake up at 7 for school tomorrow 😦 Loved this post! Those pictures with the quotes on them are sooooooooo cute. I saw a few like them in notebook form at OfficeWorks when I was in Australia but didn’t get them (don’t know why) haha. Again, loved this post, really inspirational. Makes me think about what I’m doing and what I’m missing out on. Might do a post about that.

    Nira xx |

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    1. I’m so head. You liked this and decided to stay up even later reading this! You should totally do a post like this and have fun at school tomorrow! Also, I forgot to give credits to the owner, but i will defiantly add the site I got these from because they had a lot of good quotes

      Liked by 1 person

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