Where Are We Now?

Aloha (hello in Hawaiian)! How are you doing today? If your having a good day, that’s awesome! If not, hopefully I can brighten up your day because I am back with my first ever SEGMENTS POST!! I am so excited for this, and I hope you are as well. As you might know, January is a Where Are We Now? post, which I think will be really fun because it will be a (hopefully) comical review on the past six months. Without any delay, e hele kāua (let’s go! In Hawaiian)!


So, obviously fashion will have changed because you either were in summer and now in winter or vice versa. One thing I noticed is that the 90’s still seem to be running their course… again. Velvet: still a thing. Slip dresses: Still a thing. Chokers: still cute. Holographic: Not my thing, but it’s there I guess. Floral prints and the colour pink were found over the summer/winter, and I am seeing them again in the winter/summer. Overall, the only thing that has changed is the layers you have to wear.


Again, not to much has changed: bright lips are worn year round, and lip-oils were big over the summer/winter, and are used a lot during this time of year because of dry lips. I think more people tend to change up their makeup routine for warmer tones around the winter months, as I have been seeing lots of gold and caramel colours on peoples eyes lately. Otherwise, lot’s of people go heavier in the winter because they know that they won’t be swimming or out in the heat, therefore the small details (liner, contour, false lashes) are coming out.


THIS TIME LAST JUNE: What I Wrote In My Journal

June 12th 2016
10:31 am (This was the day I
started writing this post,
not the day it’s going up)

I want to start a blog! [insert rest of entry here]

This is the very first thing that I had written for that date. I am not going to write the rest, but I thought that it was such a coincidence that I had to include it!

Life has changed A LOT since July, and I think that it’s important to see how I’ve grown as a person. First of all, the absolute biggest difference would be that I DIDN’T HAVE A BLOG THIS TIME LAST YEAR!!! I feel like I’ve had this amazing community for as long as I have known, but in reality, it’s only been 4 months, 14 days since I hit publish on my first post. Speaking of which, should we celebrate our half birthday? Comment down below if you do.

Another thing that has changed is my social life. I barely see my friends over the summer (which I am going to fix this summer), but once fall hits, I am CONSTANTLY hanging out with them, which I love. My friends really make me be myself, since I’m not afraid of anything around them. Another thing that has changed is my eyebrows! They have NEVER looked this nice in all of their existence, and I am so happy with them! My hair, also has undergone some changes and is also so much nicer than it has been in  a while.

Social Media Trends:

There has been SO MANY SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS!!! It’s actually unreal some of the things that were popular, like Live Videos. This has been really huge for internet-famous people, especially for interacting with their followers. Another big trend was emojis; they not only dominate communication, but they also appear on clothing, accessories and stationary. I can only imagine how much money Apple has made off them. Virtual reality was also making it’s way to popularity last June, and I assure you, it hasn’t slowed down. Basically, technology has allowed me to be on top of the Eiffel tower whilst in the comforts of my home.

And there we are! This is my very first segments post, and I do hope you enjoy this kind of content, because I had a great time thinking back and doing my research on these different trends. Although this is different from what I usually post, I will be back with another segment in February, this time doing more than one every month. Today’s question-of-the-post is: What trends do you think will dominate in 2017? Well, I’m done for today, but don’t forget to follow if you want to see content every Wednesday and Saturday! Alway remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL

 ps. Thumbs up for the nostalgic featured image! It’s the one I used on my first post!

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