You Will Succeed

Hei i dag (Kommentar ned nedenfor hvis du vet hva dvs fra) (Hello today[comment down below if you know where thats from]! in Norwegian)! I am here today with a shorter post about life in general. Basically, I want to inspire as many people (all 44 of you) to give it your best shot because, in the words of Les Brown, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”. With that said, la oss gå bli inspirert (let’s go get inspired! In Norwegian)!


There is absolutely no doubt that you will succeed in one way or another. It might not be the way that you wanted to, but you will succeed and that is that. So what you didn’t get the grade that you wanted! You still succeeded in TRYING YOUR BEST. Those words are key, and even though they might sound like… a let down, they are true. You succeeded in learning the info that you needed. You succeeded in having the confidence to walk in that classroom and take a test with your head held high, I bet.

Situation #1: Broken Up With 😢

You might have say… been dumped recently. I know, it sucks! And there is a reason; it’s  because you succeeded in showing the other person that you are way to good for them and they realized it. That’s the reason they let you go, not because “it’s me, not you” when really “it’s you, not me”. It’s YOU because your utter awesomeness and completely amazing personality got the best of the other person and they knew that you deserved better. Problem solved.

Situation #2: Failing A Test 😞

First off, WE HAVE ALL FAILED A TEST IN OUR LIVES!!! Trust me babe, you are not alone AT ALL. Anyone that tells you they have a clean record is a lair, because chances are they were being tested at some point and they didn’t even know. If you didn’t do so hot on a written test, well, you succeeded by showing yourself that you might have to put a teensy bit more effort into studying. Say you studied really hard, and STILL didn’t pass (The worst thing ever!). You succeeded by learning that you might have to change the way you study. Maybe your brain doesn’t process as well reading a textbook. Now you know that you studied hard, but maybe there is a way that works even better.

If you took another kind of test that isn’t wholly written, like a drivers test, you succeeded by showing yourself maybe the day you can legally drive isn’t the best time to learn. It just shows that even though it would be sooo cool, it’s better to take things slowly.

Situation #3: Reaching Goals 🙁

Everybody has a goal of some sort, be it life goals or short term goals. But we are constantly making them without even knowing it! But heres the deal: your goal might be so long term that you feel like you will never reach them. I have talked about goals in these posts, so check them out if you want some more in depth ways to achieve, but here is an overview. Ask yourself if it is a reasonable goal, for example “fly to the moon” can be unreasonable unless you want to go to school to become an astronaut (if thats the case, you go girl/dude!). If your goal is more realistic like “save $$$”, then I can help. If you haven’t saved the amount that you want to, then you have succeeded by getting a start. You might not have reached your goal, but you have a start.

Alright, I hope that you have enjoyed this post as I had a GREAT time putting it together and I hope that you now know that you will succeed. If you liked this post, follow for a post every Wednesday and Saturday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: How will you be succeeding in 2017? That’s all for today and always remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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