January Favourites

سلام سلام (hey hey! in Pashto)! How’s it hangin’? January has been such a blur, I actually cannot believe that it’s over in a couple of days 🙁. But, per usual, I have another Favourites post, this time with a reflexion. My favourite things this month have mostly been materialistic and I was trying out some newish photography, so I hope that you like it! لا د شورماشور پرته، مخکې شه (Without further ado, let’s go!)!


Since You’ve Been Gone

As a Christmas gift, I had received a gift-card for a local book store, and I immediately fell in love with this book as soon as I picked it up! For starters, the front cover is so cute, I love the way it’s set up and focusing on this friendship. Also, THE BOOK IS SOFT☺️! I love it so much when authors give a soft, smooth feel as opposed to glossy or matte. As for the story itself though, I loved it so much! It is about Emily and Sloane, best friends. When Sloane disappears with nothing but a list of tasks for Emily to do, she is determined to complete the list if only it mean getting Sloane back. I think it has something for everybody, and that you would love it!


Endless Weekend Body Mist

This has been my go-to perfume all month! It smells to me like a perfect summer day in a bottle, and it’s all I can do to keep myself from thinking warm thoughts this time a year. The scent is rather sweet, but mostly floral. It also has some clean undertones which make it a bit sophisticated and not full out young. I just can’t get enough of this! Also, life hack: buy travel sized products because Bath&Body Works almost always have a 3 for £20 deal.


Amputee Piggy & Wooden Puzzles

I love these two little things because I have never seen anything like them before. I had to steal Garry’s pig eraser because my poor little guy is missing both back legs and half of his butt. Another added feature is that IT SMELL LIKE BACON🥓! Most hate it though. As for the puzzle, it’s pretty complicated! I did manage to take it apart and re-build it (With a tutorials help), but it was addicting when I just had the pieces laid out in front of me. I totally recommend one of these if your looking for a fun brain-game.


Polaroid Camera

As you might know from my What I got For Christmas 2016 post, I received bit and bobs for my polaroid camera (a gift from last year). I have been using it a lot because I have a year in pictures book, where you take a polaroid every week. It has been by my side every weekend, when most of the things happen, and I just love it so much! I have it in the shade “Vivid Orchid”, in case you were wondering.

fullsizeoutput_eb4A Year In Pictures

I have been absolutely loving keeping track of the different things that I have done over the weeks. It’s really fun, because before I would save my film for special occasions, but now I have a reason to photograph every week! if you have a polaroid camera, I totally recommend one of these books! They are also a great piece of room decor.


Plaid Shirt & Distressed Jeans

I absolutely LOVE this outfit and have been wearing it NON-STOP! I love the way that the shirt fits, and the colours look really nice with my skin-tone. It is a boyfriend fit, so it’s loose and I always wear the sleeves rolled to my elbow. With these jeans, it’s fashion magic. I love how there are tiny little rips, but not severely and how the colour fades from dark to light to dark. SO CUTE!


This month has been a good month, and I have had so many fun experiences! First of all, I learned that I  CANNOT SKATE WITH A TOE PICK! I was trying to skate with one, and resulted in bruising my entire knee, which made it kind of painful to walk sometimes. But on the flip side, a nearby lake froze over six inches and my whole family went skating (this time I wore hockey skates)! My dad, Garry and I played some hockey, mainly just passing, but Garry and I played full-on keep away. It was so much fun! Speaking of hockey, my uncle bought our whole family hockey tickets for Christmas, so we were able to see a pretty professional hockey game.

Another fun thing that I did was go to one of my best friends parties this month. We had SO much fun, our other best friends were there as well, and I found out that I have quite a talent of balancing a cookie on my forehead and using facial expresions to get it into my mouth 😂. School has been good, a couple of tests but they weren’t hard. Over all, I give this month an 85%.

And that is a wrap! I hope y’all liked this post, as this was my favourite favourites post that I have done yet! If you liked this post, maybe follow for a new post every Wednesday and Saturday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: What is the best thing that you did this month?  That’s all for today and I hope that you enjoyed! Always remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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