Things Girls Think In The Winter

Kwenzenjani everybody (what’s up everybody? In Zulu)? We are in the the midst of winter, and I thought it would be funny to do a post like this. First off, there are so many expectations when it comes to the winter, which you can read  here. I don’t want hold you guys here to long, ngakho […]

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Decoration Nation: Bulletin Boards

හේයි හැමෝම, ඔයා කොහොමද අද (hey everybody, how are you today? In Sinhala)? I hope you are in a decoration mood, because I have another Decoration Nation post coming at you! I don’t know about you guys, but I like decor pieces in my room to be interchangeable. For example, having a simple bulletin board […]

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Expectation vs. Reality of Baking

welina hou i na (welcome back everybody in Hawaiian)!I think I’ve started with Hawaiian before, but I have been DIEING to go somewhere warm, and have always loved Hawaii, so thats the story behind that. Anyways, today I have an Expectations VS. Reality post for you guys! I’ve never done anything on baking (mostly because […]

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A Ton Of Awards!

Bonjour tout la monde (hello everybody in French)! Today I have a ton of nominations, which I was given by  itsnira and soobxblog! I love their blogs so much and am so flattered that they nominated our fam for an award, so thank you so much!I don’t want to keep y’all for much longer, entrons dans lui (let’s get […]

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Decoration Nation: Bookshelves

Hallo almal (hello everybody! In Afrikaans)! Today I am back with a February segment, which is “Decoration Nation”! I LOVE room decor, and I am super excited to show you guys some fun ways too spice up your bookshelves! Obviously, function over fashion, so if you have a lot of books then these might not […]

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Gigi Hadid: Winter Style Steal

еј шо праиш здраво (hey what’s up hello in Macedonian)! I am back with my second-only style steal! So, we’re in the middle of winter (happy February!), and I figured it would be good to do another style steal. This one is for Gigi Hadid, and I can tell you already I didn’t find a […]

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