Decoration Nation: Bookshelves

Hallo almal (hello everybody! In Afrikaans)! Today I am back with a February segment, which is “Decoration Nation”! I LOVE room decor, and I am super excited to show you guys some fun ways too spice up your bookshelves! Obviously, function over fashion, so if you have a lot of books then these might not be for you. Also, I loved having a photo shoot like this! Granted, it was with a wall that doesn’t move, but it was still awesome! I don’t want to talk much longer, so ek sal jy sien op die ander kant (so I will see you on the flip side).


#1 Letters and Levels

This is a cool way to incorporate some room decor into your room. Now, it’s one of the least functional ways you can have your bookshelf, but it works without lot’s of books. To photograph this one, I had to take 5/6th of my bookshelf off. So while you guys see this beautiful minimalistic bookshelf, I have 20 books on my bed😂. As for the G, I had a BLAST creating this little piece as an ode to my blog. Get it, Graceful? It’s odd, because it’s not my initial, but it’s sentimental anyways.


#2 The Showcase

I feel like stores are making cuter and cuter notebooks these days, which compels me to leave them laying around so I can read their quote. This way, you can fit much more books on your shelf while still having that focal point. It’s also a great idea if you have random bit’s-and-bobs laying around without a place to go. BAM! Now you have an excuse to cute-ify your books! It also helps you get a glance of your notebooks, which is awesome.


#3 Rainbow Reads

Now, if you want to have a functional bookshelf but still have some fun, this is for you. It’s kind of like a full-time “rainbow reads” challenge. Although I couldn’t order my books like this, I know that there are some people that like coloured order more than others. For me, I have to have my books ordered from tallest to smallest, and this one is all over the place.


#4 The Boxer

I like this one a lot for if you don’t have a massive amount of books. It’s quite functional, having the boxes filled with clothes or socks (like mine), while not wasting space. I also tried something new and stacked my books first vertically, then horizontally.

And that is that! I hope that you all enjoyed this post, I had lot’s of fun photographing everything! If you liked this post, don’t forget to follow if you want to see more like this every Wednesday and Saturday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: How would you style your bookshelf? I think I would do the cover picture (how my bookshelf is normally). Always remember that you are amazing, -GRACEFUL


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