Decoration Nation: Bulletin Boards

හේයි හැමෝම, ඔයා කොහොමද අද (hey everybody, how are you today? In Sinhala)? I hope you are in a decoration mood, because I have another Decoration Nation post coming at you! I don’t know about you guys, but I like decor pieces in my room to be interchangeable. For example, having a simple bulletin board that I can jazz up and change around. To be honest, I had no idea what I was going to do for this post, but then I woke up one morning, the sun was shinning in the right direction and BAM! I photographed this post. මම හිතනවා ඔබ කැමති ඇති බවට අපි ප්රාර්ථනා කරමු (I hope you like it!)!


The Simple One

This is by far the simplest version that I did, therefore I only have the one photo for it. I normally keep my bulletin board like this, and it works really well for me. Another thing that I like about this is that it can showcase certain parts, and gives you an excuse to not put your stuff away😂.


The Reminder

If you are like the 99-100% of the world, you forget things sometimes. Which is why I have put this design together. It’s perfect for stashing mail or magazines, finding a spot for small objects and mostly, reminding yourself of the things you need to do. Also, does anyone else forget to walk their pet unicorn as much as I do?

fullsizeoutput_ee4fullsizeoutput_ee5fullsizeoutput_ee6fullsizeoutput_ee7The Polaroid

You may have noticed from my last Decoration Nation post that I LOVE MY POLAROID, and it shows up in a lot of room decor that I do. This one is great for the photographer inside of you because you can subtly show off your works of art. I also chose to hand up some cute little quotes for an added touch. Lastly, can I get an opinion? Some people think that Lush’s ‘Don’t Mind The Ballistics’ Bath bomb looks like vomit, and others think it looks like a sunrise. If you can see the picture well enough or have used it yourself, what do you think?


The Vanity

I don’t really have a vanity in my room, and even this mirror doesn’t cut it for this design. I think that it would be super easy to set this up with your most used products for getting ready in the morning. You can also keep track of all your products.


The Tech-Savvy

I feel like I’ve never really seen  someone do a bulletin board like this one. I focused it around a bit of a “Charging station”, although it only works if there is an outlet near by. I like this one because there is plenty of organization going on with this, since the cords aren’t getting tangled.

Aaaaaand cut! That was this month last Decoration Nation, and I am so glad you all liked it.  I read lots of comments on the bookshelf post that it helped them, and I hope that this helps you as well! If you liked this post, give a follow for new posts every Wednesday and Saturday. Next months segment is Makeover, and I have some fun posts planned out for that. Todays question-of-the-post is: Whats your favourite piece of decor in your room? Thanks for reading, and always remember that you are amazing, -GRACEFUL


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