March Favourites

Jinsi ni yake kwenda kila mtu (how’s it going? in swahili)? Today is sadly the last day of March, a month that flashed before my eyes. But with only two more months until summer season starts, I am happily welcoming April! I honestly CANNOT wait to do next months segment, Graceful or Wasteful because there […]

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No Words 001

Hey everyone, I know that ‘no words’ challenges aren’t supposed to have words, but I’m putting a spin on it. I’ll attach a quote down below, and you simply comment what you think it represents! I will see you all on Thursday, thats all for today my lovely readers, and always remember that you are […]

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Inspirational Blogger Award!

เฮ้ทุกคน (hey hey everyone! in Thai)! Thanks for coming back to read this Thursdays post, which is an award that the lovely It’s Nira nominated me for! You should definitely go check out her blog because it is amazing! I don’t want to keep anyone for to long, ไปทดสอบรางวัลนี้กันเถอะ! (So let’s go check out this award!)

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Makeover: War of The Polishes

હેય શું ચાલે છે (Hey, what’s up? In Gujarati)? Welcome back to my blog, and I hope you are ready for this Sunday’s blog post, where we will be comparing and reviewing different nail polishes! A couple of weeks ago, I decided to test out five different brands and colours of nail polish to see which […]

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Green Day!

gach duine lá Shona Naomh Pádraig (Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! in Irish)! How is your holiday going? I know, I know, it’s not Thursday, buuuut, you can’t have a st. patrick’s day post the day before! I am comin’ at you with some ideas for what you can do today! Green inspired things left […]

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How To Get Through Boringness

Hey sa tanan (hey everyone in Cubuano)! Welcome back to another Sunday post,where we will be talking about… Drumroll please… Getting through boringness! I know that everyone has trouble with being bored at lease once in their lives, so I thought that I would help y’all out by doing this post! Also, side note, my […]

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March Favourites!

こんにちは、元気いっぱいです (Hello and welcome back! In japanese)! It is the first day of march, and here I am with my February Favourites. *I interrupt this intro for a very important message* IT’S OUR HALF BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you so much for reaching our goal of 50 followers by our half birthday! I am so grateful that […]

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