March Favourites!

こんにちは、元気いっぱいです (Hello and welcome back! In japanese)! It is the first day of march, and here I am with my February Favourites. *I interrupt this intro for a very important message* IT’S OUR HALF BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you so much for reaching our goal of 50 followers by our half birthday! I am so grateful that even one person followed in the six month I’ve been at this! I would be the happiest person ever if we could get another 50 followers in the next six months (100 followers by our first birthday).We have reached the end of the the shortest month, which for me was the fastest of them. Coincidence, I think not. I hope you all enjoyed your February, ポストに乗ろう(and let’s get on with the post)


Winter Hats

Well, we have to admit that February is by far in the thick of winter, and I have been using this hat every. single. day. I think that it’s really simple and just cute, because I can wear it  with anything. It’s also very cozy, which is an added bonus.


Coconut Clusters

These things are so GOOD!!!!! I love them so much, because they are the perfect amount of sweet but are only a couple of grams. 4 grams of sugar per 50 grams I think? I love them so much! They are so good to take as a snack during the day, and not very bad for you either. Long story short, if you find them, buy them.


Daily Planner

This has been so, so, so,so,so helpful. I have just felt so much more in control of my life and on top of everything. I have my schedule for my classes written, blog schedule written,   anything-else schedule written. This is very helpful, and I love it.



I’ve gotten really into sketching lately, and this book is very helpful. First off, it’s so cute,  the colour and quote are the best! I have been loving it a lot, especially because I’m actually kind of good at drawing now. I drew a relatively good face the other day, I’m not trying to be braggy, but I was proud.


Werthers Caramels

These have been my guilty pleasure over the past month. I’ve been keeping them in my desk drawer and they were gone by the end of the month. Granted, I only had about 20, so that’s less than one a day. I don’t really have to much else to say about these little guys, other than they are a perfect treat.fullsizeoutput_f09

Lip Balm

You have no idea how dry my lips have been recently! This little balm has been a HUGE part of my morning routine and it helps a lot. The only problem is that it smells very good, and I find myself licking my lips sometimes. That is the only flaw though, so it has been put in my favourites for obvious reasons.


So, for this months review I decided to do it like a bullet journal. I have seen them going around recently and decided to do my sum-up like this!


Well, that was another month here and gone. I enjoyed it thoroughly and am so excited to start showing you guys some of the Makeover posts I have planned for this months segment. If you liked this post and any others, hit that follow button to see new posts every Wednesday and Saturday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: How did you enjoy you’re February? That’s all for today, and always remember that you are amazing. -GRACEFUL


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