Where Should You Travel?: Quiz

Onye bụ onye njikere iji a zaa (Who’s ready to take a quiz? In Igbo)? I know I am! Alright, with a month or so left in the winter season, most of us are dying to go on a trip. I know I am, at least. A lot of you liked my last quiz that I did in December, so I decided to make another one for you all! I can’t wait for you to see where you should travel, nwere fun ịhụ gị pụta (Have fun seeing your results)!

1. Your favourite subject in school is/was…

A) Art class. You loved being able to create what you wanted and relax (1 pt.)
B) Gym class. The thrill of adventure is your best friend! (4 pts.)
C) Language class. Everything about culture is fun and important to you (3 pts.)
D) Math class. Theres just something about having a way of doing everything. (2 pts.)

2. What do you do in your free time?

A) I like to do high energy things. Skydiving? Sign me up. (6 pts.)
B) Colouring and reading is my thing. It just makes me so calm… (2 pts.)
C) Trying new things. I go from festivals to flee markets, just give me NEW! (4 pts.)
D) Shopping. I like my numbers, but I LOVE my style. (2 pts.)

3. When you order from a coffee shop, what do you get?

A) Plain black coffee. Nothing simpler, just the way I like it (4 pts.)
B) I try a cold drink, usually something tropical (5 pt.)
C) My go-to is a latte with lavender if I can, very very stress relieving (1 pt)
D) French vanilla latte hands down. It is so different from my day-to-day (3 pts.)

4. What do you normally have on your gift wish-list?

A) Cool, collectible things from around the world (3 pts.)
B) An exhilarating group activity that I can try with all my friends (7 pts.)
C) Books! They can be about anything, and I’ll love them (1 pt)
D) I love room decor, anything that I can organize and make chic is up my ally! (2 pts.)

5. How do you solve problems?

A) I try and keep as calm and collected as possible, it makes everything easier. (1 pt.)
B) I like to go through with a thought-out plan (2 pts.)
C) I take perspectives as possible. People with different experience help. (4pts.)
D) I go all in, making my way as I go. Possibly without a plan. (3 pts.)

Score Tally:

Credits to owner

If you got 6-10 points you have Hawaii!

You love to be as calm as can be, which mean that your dream destination is tropical Hawaii! There are so many activities here that can let you relax, and with 8 islands to choose from, you’ll have plenty of reasons to say Aloha to this destination!

Credits to owner 

If you got 10-12 points you have New York City!

You clearly have an eye for style and perfection, just like the way NYC is made! With shops upon shops to browse from, you can get your share of style and organization in one trip. You can also have your own share of tourism, while finding your own niche in the Big Apple!

Credits to owner 

If you scored 12-17 points you have Paris!

So you like culture, huh? Well, have I got the place for you! There are plenty of different cultures here, and with SO many different ways to experience the Parisian life, you have plenty of options when it comes to culture immersion! So all you have to say is out, and the experience is yours!

Credits to owner

If you scored 17-25 points you have Thailand!

There is definitely a love for adventure in your blood, so Thailand is totally your go-to place. With are so many cool adventure-seeking ways to tap into your favourite thing, you can do it all! Literally, there are things from elephant riding to zip lining that you can do to your hearts content.

Well, I hope that you liked taking this quiz, because coming up with the questions was AWEsome! Also, picking out the pictures was gorgeous! If you liked this post make sure to follow my blog for a new post every Wednesday and Saturday. Today question-of-the-post is: What were your results, and would you travel there? I’ll see y’all on Wednesday, always remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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