Makeover: Lip Art

Cine e gata pentru un makeover (Who’s ready for a makeover? in Romanian)? Hey everybody, and welcome back to my blog! As lot’s of us know, this is the month of the”Makeover” segment, and I decided for the first post, I would be trying lip art! I’ve seen this floating around a bit, but I had two road blocks: 1, I’m not a great artist and 2, I don’t have any coloured lipsticks/liquid lipsticks. So I decided to prevail with un-artistic looks and face paint. Because who’s going to use blue lipstick more than once? I’ve rambled enough already, așa că hai să mergem să făcut(let’s go get made over!)!


A Sunset (ish)

This one I have to say was my favourite in the end. What I did was do my top lip in blue and my bottom lip in orange, just like a sunset! Then, I pressed my lips together for a bit of a gradient, and added a hello semi-circle. Boom! Instant sunset!


(Gross Looking) Rainbow

This is my least favourite, mostly because of the *cringe* white part. It looks so gross and clumpy, and it is not appealing whatsoever at all. What I did was a stripe of red, yellow, green and blue. The white was supposed to represent clouds, but I’m not even going to say what happened here.



I really like this one because it was a really cool contrast to me. I’ve never worn black lipstick a day in my life, but I also really like it because it was the most out of my comfort zone. I started with doing my cupids bow in red, then my inner lower lip. I then traced little lines off of the red and added a circle of red on the ends to make it drippy. Finally, I finished it with black outer corners.

So… how was it? I’ve never done anything like this before, but I thought that it was pretty fun and artistic. Would I wear this out in public? Never. But for around the house it was okay. I also will be changing my blogging schedule a bit, making my posts Thursdays and Sundays, just for convenience. If you liked this post and would like to see more like it, give this blog a follow for new posts every Thursday and Sunday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: How would you do lip art? That’s all for today, and always remember that you are amazing, -GRACEFUL



5 thoughts on “Makeover: Lip Art

  1. I loved the last one the most honestly. I don’t really know how the heck I would try and do makeup art. Probably fail ;p . I would use red and a gold stripe or just use gold to accent it a little? Im not really fluent in makeup talk.

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