How To Get Through Boringness

Hey sa tanan (hey everyone in Cubuano)! Welcome back to another Sunday post,where we will be talking about… Drumroll please… Getting through boringness! I know that everyone has trouble with being bored at lease once in their lives, so I thought that I would help y’all out by doing this post! Also, side note, my computer is not loading WordPress in the browser for some reason, so I will be writing this post (and any others I need to write) on an iPad, and can’t get proper breaks and colours and titles so that’s why this post doesn’t have any bells or whistles. I don’t t want to keep you for very long because I will be talking quite a bit, uban sa niini nga post (so let’s get into this post!)!


Now, I know that school can be unpleasant for many people, but I have a solution for you! Most likely, you’re bored because of having to take notes. In order to stay attentive in class whilst taking notes, use plenty of colour and pretend that you are taking  those notes to… Say, help a sibling prep for SAT’s. Which is a SUPER important test administered in your final years of school (not counting uni). So when your concentrating on making nice notes, you’ll be listening for the proper information!


Lots of people get bored easily at home when they have nothing to do. I suggest going on Pinterest and printing off a list of boredom busters that you can put In a jar for future reference. So now that you have this list of things to do, you will never run out of ideas. Just make sure that they can be done without any needed supplies.


We’ve all been there: it’s a family reunion, and a parent is talking to a relative whom you’ve never met before. When that parent waves you over to talk about you while not letting you talk, you get bored. To keep yourself awake during the conversation (ya know, in case you actually have to talk), make it into a guessing game. Try and guess what the people talking are going to say, and while you do it you won’t even realize your listening attentively.

That was this Sunday’s post! I hope that you enjoyed, because I love being able to write advice/helpful posts for you guys. I’m the kind of person that just loves to help, so if you have any advice posts you want to see, please leave them in the comments down below. If you liked this post, give this blog a follow for new posts every Sunday and Thursday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: How do you want to help people? That’s all I have for today, I’ll  see you on Thursday and alway remember that you are amazing. -GRACEFUL


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