Makeover: War of The Polishes

હેય શું ચાલે છે (Hey, what’s up? In Gujarati)? Welcome back to my blog, and I hope you are ready for this Sunday’s blog post, where we will be comparing and reviewing different nail polishes! A couple of weeks ago, I decided to test out five different brands and colours of nail polish to see which one is the best. પરિણામો તપાસો દો (let’s check the results)!

Day One:

DSCF3294POLISHES: On my pinkie finger, I painted it with Revlon sun candy in the colour “Sunset”. On my ring finger, I painted it with an O.P.I polish called “Gargantuan Green Grape”. For my middle finger, I used Sinful Colours “Rise and Shine. My index finger was painted in L.A Colours Lacquer, but they do not sell the shade I used and I couldn’t find the name. Finally, on my thumb I used a Sparitual nail polish in the shade “Disco Inferno”.

EXPECTATIONS: My expectations for this competition was for “Disco Inferno” to win, since the brand retails their products for  £6 apiece. My thought for the loss was L.A Colours, since the formula was VERY thick and sticky, hard to apply. Each nail got three equal coats of polish and no top coat, because I wanted to see how they held up on their own.


  • Revlon: A bit on the thicker side, but very pigmented and dried relatively quickly.
  • O.P.I: Not very opaque on the first coat, but very fluid and easy to work with
  • Sinful Colours: Pretty opaque, fluid and easy.
  • L.A Colours: Thick formula, clumpy and hard to work with. Pigmented.
  • SpaRitual: Thin formula, not as opaque as I thought it would be.


Day Four:fullsizeoutput_f36

To my surprise, SpaRitual was LOSING at this point! Revlon was winning, Sinful Colours in second O.P.I behind it and L.A Colours in fourth. I was so surprised when I saw how much “Disco Inferno” was losing by, and I had really expected more from it. I was also quite surprised to see that Sinful Colours was in second, as it had been the cheapest of the five.

Day Seven:


Well, after no picking, removing and just my daily routine, this is what the polish looked like. I was quite disappointed that SpaRitual had lost, since it was supposed to be a “long-lasting vegan formula, not tested on animals”. Revlon won, which also surprised me. O.P.I performed worse than I thought it would, because they say that their product is supposed to work very well. L.A Colours did what I expected it to do, just not as badly as predicted. Sinful Colours did a lot better than I thought it would, too.

Well everyone, I hope that helped you decide what you should buy as a polish! I would personally go with Sinful Colours because it is quite cheap and only requires minimal chipping. For absolutely NO maintenance though, Revlon is the way to go. I hope you likes this post, and if you did, follow my blog for more like this every Thursday and Sunday! Today’s question-of-the-post is: What do you reach for the most when it comes to painting your nails? Thanks for reading everyone, and always remember that you are amazing. -GRACEFUL


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