Inspirational Blogger Award!

เฮ้ทุกคน (hey hey everyone! in Thai)! Thanks for coming back to read this Thursdays post, which is an award that the lovely It’s Nira nominated me for! You should definitely go check out her blog because it is amazing! I don’t want to keep anyone for to long, ไปทดสอบรางวัลนี้กันเถอะ! (So let’s go check out this award!)


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your post and make sure to link their blog!
  2. Insert the blog award badge, click it to save to your computer if you want to
  3. Copy and paste/write in your own words these rules.
  4. Complete the blogger award like a scrapbook, and try to insert photos when possible
  5. Nominate 10 other bloggers who inspire you and deserve the award


Questions (and answers!)

  1. Share a quote to inspire other bloggers!
    “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says Im possible”  Audrey Hepburn
  2. Share a photo of one of your favourite places that you have visited. What do you love about this place?
    This is going to sound really pathetic, but I’ve never traveled anywhere! Sorry, but i can’t exactly answer this question 🙂
  3. Share a link to one of your favourite blogs. What qualities do you love about this blogger? (you can use this as an extra nomination…😉)
    One of my favourite blogs that I love to read is food to glow, an amazing blog that treats the tastiest looking recipes out there. Kelly, the person that runs the blog has a very good taste in flavours!
  4. Share a photo of a favourite book/film. Why does this one make it into your top 5?
    Since You’ve Been Gone is one of my all time favourite reads. It perfectly captures how perfectly and extremely imperfect teenage years are, and is a really great coming of age story. It focuses on friendship and finding yourself, and is just hands-down an addictive read! I just had to know what came next!
  5. Do you have any other hobbies or passions outside of blogging?
    I am extremely passionate about music, and love to play and even try to write my own music. Nothing ever comes of it though ;). Anyways, I need to be around music to have a good day, simply put.
  6. List 5 places on your travel bucket list!
    1. New York City, New York
    2. Paris, France
    3. Maui, Hawaii
    4. Italy
    5. Greece (this is just to name a few, I want to see every continent out there)
  7. Share a link to one of your favourite posts on your blog. Why is it your favourite?
    Home For The Holidays: Blogmas Day 2 is probably my favourite post. I feel like I can really connect with you guys and help you out. Really I love all of the advice posts that I do. For some reason, I feel like I put 150% into this post, instead of the usual 110.
  8. Share a photo of one item that you love. It could be a lipstick, perfume, diary… absolutely anything!
    The notebook in the right corner is my favourite item. It is my journal, and I love it because writing makes me happy, and it makes me even happier when I can vent and I KNOW that nothing will be said by anything, since its inanimate object. It is also so cool to look back and see what was happening in your life at that moment.
  9. Share a link to an item which is currently on your wishlist. What do you love so much about this item/why do you want it?
    This Kate Spade bag has been on my wish list a short amount of time, but as soon as I saw the black colour I fell in love. Another thing that has been on my wish list for months now, is the Too Faced (original) chocolate bar palate. The shades are just SO GORGEOUS and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on the Sephora website. It is such a pretty neutral palate, and it smells like chocolate, my favourite food. Great, now that I went looking for that link I saw another palate from Too Faced with thirty shades. I just have to stop talking before I spend more money then I should be!
  10. How long have you been blogging for? Do you want to continue blogging forever?
    I have been blogging for just over six months. I have been totally in love with it, and it is my second nature. I would love to blog forever, but who knows what the future will bring, maybe it just won’t work out. But for now, you’ll be seeing me in your reader twice weekly.

My Nominations:

  1. kathryn firth
  2. girlonrainbow
  3. someone online
  4. dreamers and dancers
  5. One Chel Of An Adventure
  6. soobxblog
  7. some girl offline
  8. Lucya Bakes
  9. living life in color
  10. luimariablog

Speaking of seeing me in your reader, if your new here and like what you see, follow this blog for new posts every Thursday and Sunday! Today’s question-of-the-post is: What’s your favourite part of spring/autumn? That is all for today my lovely people, always remember to be amazing, -GRACEFUL

Ps. Even if you weren’t on this list specifically, feel free to do this tag! Everyone is inspiring in their own way, right?


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