March Favourites

Jinsi ni yake kwenda kila mtu (how’s it going? in swahili)? Today is sadly the last day of March, a month that flashed before my eyes. But with only two more months until summer season starts, I am happily welcoming April! I honestly CANNOT wait to do next months segment, Graceful or Wasteful because there is plenty of different things I am planning! I don’t want to stay to long, Tutakutana katika mwisho wa post hii (I’ll see you at the end of this post)!fullsizeoutput_f47

This Notebook

Now, this notebook has been utilized for many different things for quite a long time, but most recently, I’ve been using it to write music. Or as some might say, a poem with music in the background. Actually though, I have been attempting writing songs and reworking old ones, so I have been very glad for this here book!


Winter Candy Apple Candle

I love this candle so much! It smells a bit sweet, with some hints of actual apple that creates a very lovely, subtle smell. It’s great to burn on a day when I’m not going to be leaving the house because I know that I can leave it burning for a long time without the scent being over powering.


French Braids

This month, I finally learned the task of french braiding my own hair. I’m still not that great at it, I mean, I can do some hair styles, but it’s not the best. They have been really great for giving my hair a little extra on days where it just… isn’t.


Jean Jacket

The warmer months are coming, and I am SO ready for it! So, on day’s that are mild, I have been wearing this jacket non-stop. I love it because it fits really nicely, and is a really pretty colour, which makes it easy to colour match without being overbearing. It can also be dressed up or down, with leggings or a skirt.


Daily Horoscope App

This app has been used every day this entire month. I love it SO SO SO SO much, because it really gives me an inside and is CRAZY accurate! It guessed my entire day! If you like to read your horoscope, then I totally recommend getting this app for free off of the app store or google play store (this is not sponsored content).



This month wasn’t a very exciting month, one of the more… blah months. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t fun though! If you liked this post and want to see everything from deep life advice to crazy review posts (soon to come), follow this blog to become an official Graceful Girl (or Guy)! Today’s question-of-the-post is: Have you ever gone on a crazy adventure? Tell me about it in the comments. With that, I hope to see you every Sunday and Thursday, and always remember that you are amazing. -GRACEFUL


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