Graceful or Wasteful: Fitness Challenges

Herkes ne yukarıya çıktı (What is up everyone?! in Turkish)?! First off, last Sunday’s post was an APRIL FOOLS JOKE! I am NOT done with blogging, or even close! This has been the best, biggest project ever and I have loved every step of the way, so there will be no shortage of posts any time soon! Since we are in the month of April, it is time for the Graceful or Wasteful segment! For the past nine days, my family and I have been doing the ‘Thirty Day Ab Challenge’, and I thought it would be perfect to give you guys an inside scoop on if it’s really worth it! Without further ado (cause this has been a LONG intro), Bu meydan okumayı test edelim!

The Challenge (What It Is):

The thirty day ab challenge is a challenge where the goal is, by the end, for you to have abs, essentially. There are three different workouts (crunches/sit-ups, leg raises and plank) for everyday that get harder as the days go on. The more you do, the flatter you’ll be pretty much.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.38.47 AMscreen-shot-2017-04-06-at-11-38-58-am.png(credits to owner)


One of the top pros for me is that it is completely free! There is no fee for this challenge, all you need is a good mindset and a can-do attitude. Another pro is that it can be done multiple times, and is completely equipment free! The only thing that you might want to have is a yoga or fitness mat, because I find the couches on solid ground can be tough on the tailbone! There are also different versions, depending on the level of intensity there is. I found the one that I’m following on Pinterest, and there is lots of more (or less) complex challenges.

Another big thing for me is that it’s incremental. You won’t be expected to do 100 crunches everyday, starting at fifteen and increasing  by five everyday, so that the more there is, the stronger you’ll be. As it is incremental, you aren’t sore the next day! I haven’t found a sore stomach to be a problem, although I cannot speak for everybody when I say that.


It can get tiering after a while! I know that while I’m doing the daily outcome, I can get pretty drowsy, so I like to do it right before I shower at night. It can also be easy to forget, depending on the time of day that you choose to complete the activity. I find it easier to set a reminder for 6:00, that way it’s there when I wake up. On the subject of forgetting, it can also be easy to blow off or entirely give up on, as lots of people lead busy lives and “can’t” find the time to do it. Though I have only done the first week, I haven’t seen any extensive results. I am hoping it’s going to come slow, and by the end have a big impact, but as of now, nothing has really changed.

The Verdict?

I think this one is pretty darn GRACEFUL. I think that it is a pretty easy fitness regime to complete, and can be done by anyone and everyone. If you want to get ready for summer, or just want to try something new, I totally recommend this to you!fullsizeoutput_f4f

Well, that was the first ever Graceful or Wasteful segment on this blog, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that it was helpful, and you maybe try it out! I can’t wait to do more Graceful or Wasteful posts like this one, and if you can’t wait to read them , follow my blog for new posts every Sunday and Thursday. Todays’ question-of-the-post is: Do you have anything that you want me to review? Leave it down in the comments below, and always remember that you are amazing. -GRACEFUL


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