What’s Your Favourite Easter Treat?: Quiz

Feliç una setmana per Pasqua (Happy one week to easter! In Catalan)! As a celebration of the upcoming holiday, I decided to put together an easter quiz for y’all! I know that easter is a very important festival of the Christian Church, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and this quiz is just for fun an ABSOLUTELY NOT WHAT EASTER IS ABOUT! Yet somehow we got to giving people chocolate… oh well. Amb el qüestionari (On with the quiz!)!

What do you like to do on easter day?

a) Sleep! If I don’t have to wake up early, let me be
b) Go to dinner! Family dinners are the best
c) Hunt for eggs! It’s really great to be an older sibling

How do you study?

a) Well… let’s just say it isn’t top priority
b) I go all in! Flashcards, quizzes, songs… I’ll do anything
c) I usually read over my notes or make up a game

Spring style?

a) Black leggings, jean jacket and a loose tee. Comfy cute!
b) Floral skirt, ankle boots and a fitted shirt. Fancy!
c) Probably a top with a funny saying and some bright trousers

Favourite flower?

a) Daffodils! Super pretty, but not over-the-top
b) Hyacinths! They are so beautiful and sophisticated
c) PomPom Dahlias! They are super fun and very vibrant

How do you enjoy rainy days?

a) Sometimes I go out in it, but most times I curl up with a movie
b) The rain is overrated, and gross sometimes.
c) Let’s be real here, I go out in my clothes and get SOAKED

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.12.23 AM
credits to owner

Mostly A’s: You love Chocolate Bunnies!

This is the perfect treat to match your casual mind set! They are truly that staple easter candy, and they are great for a chocoholic! You’ll probably be spending your easter chilling at home, watching younger kids collect eggs (or joining in yourself!).

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.13.31 AM
credits to owner

Mostly B’s: You Love Mini Eggs!

A classic, girly girl (or guy), you like to stick to the traditional, while adding your own spin. Mini eggs are bite-sized and perfect to snack on (though not to healthy). With gorgeous pastel colours that perfectly match the spring, this is ideal for you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.14.01 AM
credits to owner

Mostly C’s: You Love Peeps!

You are a kid at heart, and peeps are the perfect way to fuel your spirit! These guys are so bright, colourful and sugary-sweet just like you, and will totally bring you back to your childhood days. Chances are, you’ll find some during an egg hunt…

There we go, and I hope you enjoyed the sweetest post I’ve ever done. Bah dum dum chh! Sorry, really bad joke. Any-who, I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you want to see more like it, follow my blog for new posts every Sunday and Thursday! Today’s question-of-the-post is: What actually is your favourite easter treat? I just chose these ones because they are SO. COMMON. I’ll see you on Thursday with another post, and always remember that you are amazing. -GRACEFUL

credits to owner for featured image


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