Easter Life Hacks!

မင်္ဂလာ, ဒါမှမဟုတ်ငါ Hoppy, အီစတာဆိုရသင့် (Happy, or should I say hoppy, easter! in Burmese)! How is everyone on this fine Thursday morning/afternoon/evening? I am here with five easter life hacks to help you get ready for the upcoming holiday! Be it organizing an egg hunt, or planning a dinner or watching your sweet intake, this is the place to be! အဆိုပါ Hack ပျော်မွေ့ (enjoy the hacks!)!

🥚Washi Taping Eggs🥚

This hack is SO incredibly easy, since all you need is an egg and washi tape. Basically, all you have to do is wrap the desired length of tape around your egg to decorate quickly and easily. It’s also dye free, which makes clean up super easy. Your welcome ;).


🥕Carrot Napkins🥕

These carrot napkins are the best idea for a little extra added to your dinner table. All you have to do is take some green cutlery (This will act as a stem) and an orange napkin (which I didn’t have at the time). Place your cutlery inside the napkin so that the ends are poking up and simply roll the napkin to make a carrot shape! Or cut the napkins so that they make perfect triangles and tape them like me.


😷Can’t Eat Easter Treats😷

If you ever have to plan an easter egg hunt with children that can’t eat easter treats, this one will be a LIFE saver. Simply put small treats they can eat or little toys in the eggs instead!


🌈Dying Eggs🌈

Dying eggs is a (really pretty) pain in the neck. You have to get your fingers rainbow coloured, and then they have to dry and THEN you probably stain something in the process. But ladies and gentlemen, do I have the hack for you! Put your eggs in a whisk! I suggest maybe removing one of the stems thingies on the whisk so the egg doesn’t crack though. Once the egg is in, dip it in the dye and it will coat evenly. Problem solved!


🍫Resisting Temptations🍫

Resisting temptations when it comes to easter candy is H-A-R-D hard! So to make you resist a bit, take a SMALL PORTION of candy and leave the room that the rest of it is in. That way, you won’t want to go get more because it’s close and convenient.

Hoppy easter everyone, I hope that you enjoyed this post! I most likely won’t have a post going up this coming Sunday because of the holiday, but if you have been liking the easter posts, follow my blog for new posts ever Sunday and Thursday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: Do you enjoy/partake in egg hunts? I hope everyone has a lovely Easter and Good Friday, and always remember that you are amazing -GRACEFUL


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