April Favourites

Hi guys. I’m not going to stat with a language because I would like to apologize. I have been absent for about a week and a half, but I’m not going to make excuses for it. I am genuinely sorry and have a very exciting project in the works! Also, new posting days are Monday and Friday, so that is exciting! What was I even talking about? Right! I have a very fun post coming up, and I hope that you enjoy it. Today I have some April favourites, and hope that you enjoy!


The Unexpected Everything

Another Morgan Matson book! If you guys know my January Favourites post, you know that I read another one of her books, Since You’ve Been Gone. Well, I picked up a second novel of her’s and I have been absolutely LOVING it! It has made me laugh OUT LOUD, which is a sound of DEFINITE good-book-status. Anyone that likes a very relatable summer story, buy this!


Rebels Like Us

CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE COVER FOR A SEC?! The colour scheme is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s soft. Soft books are that much better than regular books. And the book itself, I mean, BEST THING I’VE READ. EVER. It touched on such deep topics, but there was parts that were also light and fluffy too. Also, to anyone who has read since needs to read this (Which is everyone), what do you think of Noyle? Or Dagnes, whatever you prefer. Did it frustrate you as much as it frustrated me (In the best way, of course)


Metallic Sunglasses

I love these so much, it’s not even funny. It’s also not fair that they don’t match every outfit :(. I love the fun element of these shades and how they are reflective, I have been looking for a pair of metallic shades for a while now.



I have only gotten this app recently, but it is the cleverest way to read a story ever! The story goes through a series of text messages, which looks just like real texts on a phone screen btw, and it is the most addictive thing I have experienced! It also relies on ‘Hoots’ or ‘reads’ (I have no clue if they are the same thing or not), and they usually run out RIGHT at the good part. The only downside though is that the hoots/reads aren’t full when they say they are.


Spring Shoes

I received these shoes from my grandmother for easter, and have been absolutely in LOVE with the colours. The tennis shoes are so bright and fun, and it is a great motivation for working out, and the flip flops are the PRETTIEST purple colour ever (although slightly distorted after putting them on and having dirt/sand on my feet). I can already tell they will both be my staple shoes, but am slightly worried about keeping them clean.



I love colouring, and this app is awesome for that! It’s not like a lot of adult-colouring apps where you can only get a few photos and then you have to pay a monthly fee. This is totally free! There is a gallery of free pictures, and there is two offered everyday that you can get free before they go ‘exclusive’. You can use almost every colour imaginable and can import your own photos! That sounds totally sponsored, but I swear it isn’t.


  • Easter! Probably gained a couple of pounds from eating chocolate 😉
  • Football season
  • Rain
  • Pedicure
  • VERY happy
  • Summer plans
  • I had a not-so-exciting month

Well, happy Monday everyone, I hope that you enjoyed this post and I will see you next time with a SUPER fun post that I think y’all will love. If you loved this post, or just liked it, follow my blog to see new posts every Sunday and Thursday  Monday and Friday! Today’s question-of-the-post is: How do you spend your spring? Hopefully classes shouldn’t take me away from you guys again, but if I miss a posting date, that’s why ;). Always remember that you are amazing, -GRACEFUL


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