DIY Highlighter

Ευτυχισμένη κάθε μέρα! (Happy Monday everyone! in Greek)! Yesterday, I was getting my plans for todays post in order, but I had NO IDEA what to review! I wanted to do something makeup related, so I went onto the world wide web and searched for makeup DIY’s. And then I saw it. DIY highlighter! So, there I was, with a camera and supplies spread out on my bathroom counter and hark! This post was born! Ok, I know your thinking “Cut the melodrama!”,  so before I further embarrass myself, Ας πάρουμε λάμψη μας (Let’d get our glow on!)!


  • An old makeup pan (from an eyeshadow, blush, bronzer…)
  • A tool to scrape out products
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Tissue

Step One:


The first thing that you want to do is is select the eyeshadows that you no longer use (this was from when, a long time ago, colour was better). I used the ones that are circled, and popped them out of the ‘palate’, though they were barely hanging on.

Step Two:


This is an old eyeshadow pan that used to be PURPLE, so I scraped all of the shadow out, including the metal casing. I just rinsed it out and kept going with the DIY, I also took off the lid for an easier mixing process.

Step Three:


I started off with my light pink, as I wanted a pink-champagne colour for my highlight. I removed it from it’s palate and began the scraping process!

Step Four:


To scrape out all of the product in the little pan, I used a metal nail file, and began to scrape away with the sharp end. Also, I am quite prone to cringing at certain sounds, but this was NOT a sound that I cringed at, it was very tolerable.

Step Five:

I scraped and mixed all of my other shades until there weren’t any major clumps. I only used a small portion of each eyeshadow, since I didn’t want a very pigmented shade.

Step Six:


I took my rubbing alcohol and poured a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of it into the pan, and evenly mixed up the colours until there was no streaking or un even balance. You can see that the pigments shrivelled up quite a bit once the rubbing alcohol was added to the mix.

Step Seven:


I wanted more product than the first go, so I scraped out the rest of each eyeshadow pan and mixed it up once more. I then added the rubbing alcohol and mixed again, this time having even more product.

Step Eight:


I smoothed out the product as best I could, with the help of some tissues. It almost filled the pan, which was nice.

Step Nine:


After I had it all smoothed out, I pressed very firmly with a new piece of tissue to remove as much of the moisture as I could. The rubbing alcohol is almost completely absorbed, and the highlighter will be just a bit damp. Be careful not to move the tissue around in this step, as I cracked my highlighter and had to add the absolute SLIGHTEST amount of rubbing alcohol to smooth over the crack.

Step Ten:


This is what my highlighter looked like afterwards, in the sunlight. After you have done step nine, leave it out to dry with the lid off for a full twenty-four hours. As for this DIY? I rate this exact highlighter a bit of a flop :(. Just with the shadows I used, there wasn’t very much shine and sparkle to them, so they didn’t make for a blinding highlight. HOWEVER I did make a second one this morning with eyeshadows that I knew were very glittery, and it is SO FLATTERING! I also added bit of cream shadow, and it made it that much silkier.

There we are, another Monday here and gone once more. This DIY post was honestly the most fun I have ever had doing something for my blog, of course, after The GRACEFUL Award!!  If you liked this post and want to see anything under the moon, follow my blog for new posts every Monday and Friday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: How do you feel about highlight? Contour and highlighting? Thank you SO much for reading and I hope to see you on Friday! Always remember that you are amazing, -GRACEFUL


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