Summer Loving’: Life Hacks

Senang panas ka sadaya (Happy summer to all! in Sundanese)! GUYS IT’S JUNE!!! I can’t believe the it’s June!!!! And I am so happy! May went way to quickly, but that means that summer is here for once and for all! I have put together a few little Life hacks to kick off our June segments, Summer Lovin’. Abdi teu tiasa ngantosan mun meunang on kalawan eta (I can’t wait to get on with it!)!fullsizeoutput_107e

Life Hack 1: Roll Outfits Together

It’ll take up less room, and you will be able to find outfits for everyday.


Life Hack 2 and 3: Keep Deodorant and Non-Perishables In Your Bag

You will never have sweat stains OR a grumbling belly!


Life Hack 4: Always Keep A Packed Bag Ready

Day’s turn into nights easily, so this way you’ll always have a bag prepared should you need one.


Life Hack 5: Mix Together A Self-Tanner And Sun Lotion

Now you get a protected and a natural looking tan, without the risk of getting burnt or causing damage to yourself.


Life Hack 6 and 7: Breakfast À La Shower

If you like to have breakfast ready right after you shower in the mornings, you can have it ready! Keep coffee grounds and oatmeal oats in the shower with a small bottle that’ll make a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal. Turn the water on as hot as it will go (DO NOT BURN YOURSELF) and fill up the small bottle, then dump it in your cup of coffee grounds and stir. Do the same thing with your oatmeal and you have breakfast!


Life Hack 8: Buy Travel Sized Items

It is more cost effective, space effective and life effective. These are easy to throw in your bag and go, and being able to grab and go in the summer is awesome!

Life Hack 9: Do Your Meals Right

Chances are that when your traveling, the nicer meals at lunch are cheaper. And they probably sell the same meal at dinner for a higher price.

Life Hack 10: Always Watch Your Stuff

When your at the beach, people are coming and going all the time. If you happen to fall asleep on your towel, keep your bag of stuff very close to you. If your so bold to do it, tie a string to your bag, then tie it to your wrist. It’ll keep stuff close at all times. Lock the zipper ties together as well.

There we are with our kick-off to summer! I love life hacks, and I love summer even more so BAM a match made in heaven! I hope that y’all liked this post as it should help to make your life a little easier during the most relaxing season of them all. If you liked what I wrote today, follow my blog for new posts every Monday and Friday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: What do you love about summer? I will see you all on Monday, and always remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


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