Summer Lovin’: My Bucket List

जो एक खण्ड लागि तयार छ (Who’s ready for a segment? in Nepali)? We are June twelth, and it is time to put together a bucket list for myself! I would love to accomplish these things more than anything, since it would be the first full bucket list I would totally complete. I don’t want to blabber for to long, since I’ve already talked a bit, त्यसैले म तपाईं Outro मा मान्छे देख्ने (So I will see you guys in the outro!)!

1. Get Halfway Through My Project

This is a really big thing that I want to accomplish this summer, and that is to get halfway through a project that I have been working on for a while. To be honest, I started this project three years ago, thought I finished it, then found it again and decided that I did a poor job on it. Hahahah! I would absolutely love to get halfway through Project 2.0!

2. Hit 100 Blog Followers

So, this summer, on August 31st, it will be this blogs one year anniversary, AND I CAN’T EVEN BELIVE THAT!!!! I would really like to hit 100 followers on this blog, and we have already hit SEVENTY FOLLOWERS!!!! I would be sososososososo happy if this happened, but if it doesn’t I totally won’t be upset or offended.

3. Master Makeup

So obviously no one has actually mastered makeup, but I would like to become more skilled in this area. I can do a basic lid, crease, mascara eye look, I can do highlighter and concealer and that is where I stop. So this summer, I would love to learn how to do more (like winged liner and red lips!)!

4. Go On 10 Adventures

This one explains itself, sorta. I want to do at least ten spontaneous things over my summer holiday, I just don’t know what they will be… yet. I will be sure to blog about checking off my bucket list

5. Try Pinterest Recipes

I found recipes for smoothies, strawberry shortcake KEBABS, avocado chocolate mousse, cool sandwiches, campfire food… the list goes on! And I am quite excited!

6. Grow Flowers!

Flowers are so pretty, and it’s a little reward for keeping it alive. They also smell so nice, and will keep your bedroom fresh. They also make you feel happier.

Well there we have it ladies and gents, a bucket list by yours truly. I hope that you have enjoyed your time spent at GRACEFUL today, and that if you really liked it, you subscribes for new posts every Sunday and Thursday. Today’s question-of-the-post is: What do YOU want to accomplish today? Also, before I forget, I will be trying to post on the usual dates as often as possible, but with summer coming up, I might not be able to. Always remember that you are amazing, -GRACEFUL


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