W7 Beat It! Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette

истиқбол ба ҳанӯз якшанбе бо якдигар! (Welcome back to yet another Sunday!In Tajik)! I hope that you are all having/had a wonderful day, and that this can make it slightly better! Today, I will be reviewing a drugstore brand called W7, as I have recently picked up this rose-gold pallet and have been playing around with different looks. Ман умедворам, ки шумо баҳра баррасӣ кунед, ва Ман ба шумо дар outro мебинем (I hope that you enjoy this review and I will, see you in the outro!)!fullsizeoutput_1089fullsizeoutput_108afullsizeoutput_108b



From top to bottom: Big A (Creme matte colour), Moon Shadow (cool toned matte taupe), Late again (Matte Sepia black), The Full Monty (Rose gold with glitter flecks) and Film Star (Duo-chromeish pink shimmer)


From top to bottom: Candle light (Champagne shimmer), Loved Up! (cool toned grey-brown) Make A Wish (greyish purply mauve shimmer), Teachers Pet (Champagne slightly grey shimmer) and Billboard (Warm chocolate brown shimmer)


From top to bottom: Teachers pet, Billboard, Loaded (Copper shimmer colour) and The Gambler (Golden shimmer)


The overall of this product to me is relatively good. The only thing is the fall out! There is quite a bit of fall out with these shades, but it’s mostly with the mattes that it’s crumbly. Since it is a drugstore palette, there is Talc in it, which is chalky, but it’s also the lack of pigment that the matte shades offer! I had to swatch them three times over the same spot to be able to see the shades properly, as with Film Star and Candle light, but those shades are already light. Mixed with a damp brush, the pigmentation in ALL of these shades go from one-to-ten in an instant, the shimmer ones becoming almost metallic.

The Verdict?

I think that you should definitely buy this product if you are looking for some low-key shimmer shades for the summer, but if you are going to purchase it for the mattes, leave it on the shelf. With the way the shades are coloured, it does remind me a bit of Urban Decays Naked 3 pallet, and could be a dupe for some of the shades.

I hope that you enjoyed my first-ever makeup review! I think that this product is great for beginners (or people that haven’t quite gotten a handle on makeup yet, like myself), and I really love it for the summer, since all of the shimmers will catch the light from the sun. This brand also have several other pallets, if you want to check it out. One of them is devoted to mattes, and if anyone tries it, please tell me what you think of the consistency! If you liked this post, follow my blog for new posts every Sunday and Thursday (even though this is Friday). Today’s question of the post is: Have you ever tried this UK brand? Tell me in the comments below if you have! Always remember that you are amazing,


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