Hi! I see that you’ve stumbled over to my little corner of the internet. Why do I call it a corner? Because if I were an island in the middle of the internet, it would make this blog the centre of attention. But guess what? It is very, very, very far from actually being the centre of attention! So now that your here, why don’t you stick around? See what you find over hear. Maybe even follow me to become part of the Graceful Girls family that we as a community are trying to create.

Before you follow though (If you want to follow, that is), you must agree to my Terms Of Service. No this is not WordPress’s terms and conditions for the site, but what you must keep in mind if you want to join our little family.

  1. This is a place for everybody to be friends. So please don’t go at each others throats in the comments!
  2. Following number one, everybody has their own opinions and problems that they might want advice with. This is a safe place and I will not have any judging.Along these lines, please do not judge or hate on me. I’m a person with tho
  3. I want to here your suggestions and thoughts! I encourage you to use that comment section as much as possible!
  4. If you want to use an idea that I put on my blog to put on your blog (if you have one), I would like you to ask my permission.
  5. HAVE FUN!