Summer Favourites!

Alrighty, let’s get into the second part of my Ode to Summer. How have these months been for everyone so far? I’m going western, and rounding up all of my most-loved items of this summer. Ah, the nostalgia. It has been a joyous few months, and though this was originally going to be a post […]

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🌈May Favourites!🌈

kaabo pada si mi bulọọgi (Welcome back to my blog! In Yorba)! It is the end of the month already my friends :'(, and here I sit, with my monthly favourites! It has been a VERY quick month, and to be honest, I am rather happy that it is over, because that means that June […]

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April Favourites

Hi guys. I’m not going to stat with a language because I would like to apologize. I have been absent for about a week and a half, but I’m not going to make excuses for it. I am genuinely sorry and have a very exciting project in the works! Also, new posting days are Monday […]

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March Favourites

Jinsi ni yake kwenda kila mtu (how’s it going? in swahili)? Today is sadly the last day of March, a month that flashed before my eyes. But with only two more months until summer season starts, I am happily welcoming April! I honestly CANNOT wait to do next months segment, Graceful or Wasteful because there […]

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March Favourites!

こんにちは、元気いっぱいです (Hello and welcome back! In japanese)! It is the first day of march, and here I am with my February Favourites. *I interrupt this intro for a very important message* IT’S OUR HALF BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you so much for reaching our goal of 50 followers by our half birthday! I am so grateful that […]

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January Favourites

سلام سلام (hey hey! in Pashto)! How’s it hangin’? January has been such a blur, I actually cannot believe that it’s over in a couple of days 🙁. But, per usual, I have another Favourites post, this time with a reflexion. My favourite things this month have mostly been materialistic and I was trying out some […]

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November Favourites

AH! I can’t believe that I’m writing November! Where has the year gone! It’s almost December! Anyways, this month I would like to share with you some of my favourite things of November. Again, I’m very sorry for last weeks lack of blogging, there was just a lot of family things that, naturally, come first. I […]

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October Favourites + Haul!

Hi everybody! We are slowly nearing the end of October. It’s a sad time, really. No more Halloween prep, pumpkins are out of season, it’s getting to be a weirder form of weather everyday (today, it’s so windy that if it were snowing, there would have been a blizzard. Then, the sun peaks through and […]

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September Favourites

Just to start thing off, I feel like it was literally yesterday when I did my August favourites, and now were one day away from October! I can’t believe it! But, that does mean that, as promised, I will be doing another monthly favourites. A lot of these items are fall related (scents, style and […]

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