Summer Lovin’: What To Do

היי כולם, אנחנו היום (Hey everyone, how are we today? in Hebrew)? Today I am here with a list of ten things that you should *totally* do this summer. Also, credits to all of the gorgeous photography that was used below. I don’t know about you guys, but I always get all revved up for […]

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Summer Lovin’: My Bucket List

जो एक खण्ड लागि तयार छ (Who’s ready for a segment? in Nepali)? We are June twelth, and it is time to put together a bucket list for myself! I would love to accomplish these things more than anything, since it would be the first full bucket list I would totally complete. I don’t want […]

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Rainbow Reads

Odala kunyada mwezi aliyense (Happy pride month everybody! in Chichewa)! June is officially international pride month, and to celebrate, I thought that I would do the book rainbow! These are mostly my top book recommendations for the summer, but are also some random ones that aren’t a common colour (ahem ‘The Secret Garden’). I don’t […]

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🌷Spring Prep!🌷

e an t-Earrach (It’s Spring! In Scots Gaelic)! Technically, spring started march 21st, but April showers bring May flowers, am I right? Probably not. Anyways, I have some fun ideas to get ready for spring in this post, everything from DIY’s to simple switches. Seo sinn a-nis (Let’s go!)!

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Pastel Parfait

Leej twg yog npaj txhij rau tej kua mis nyeem qaub (Who’s ready for some yogurt? in Hmong)? Also, you are a very lucky person if you’re reading this, because I’m about to make a language joke. Ready… these parfaits are going to be parfait! Bah dum dum che! If you speak french (or can use […]

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Easter Life Hacks!

မင်္ဂလာ, ဒါမှမဟုတ်ငါ Hoppy, အီစတာဆိုရသင့် (Happy, or should I say hoppy, easter! in Burmese)! How is everyone on this fine Thursday morning/afternoon/evening? I am here with five easter life hacks to help you get ready for the upcoming holiday! Be it organizing an egg hunt, or planning a dinner or watching your sweet intake, this is the […]

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March Favourites

Jinsi ni yake kwenda kila mtu (how’s it going? in swahili)? Today is sadly the last day of March, a month that flashed before my eyes. But with only two more months until summer season starts, I am happily welcoming April! I honestly CANNOT wait to do next months segment, Graceful or Wasteful because there […]

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Green Day!

gach duine lá Shona Naomh Pádraig (Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! in Irish)! How is your holiday going? I know, I know, it’s not Thursday, buuuut, you can’t have a st. patrick’s day post the day before! I am comin’ at you with some ideas for what you can do today! Green inspired things left […]

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