Summer Lovin’: What To Do

היי כולם, אנחנו היום (Hey everyone, how are we today? in Hebrew)? Today I am here with a list of ten things that you should *totally* do this summer. Also, credits to all of the gorgeous photography that was used below. I don’t know about you guys, but I always get all revved up for […]

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Summer Lovin’: My Bucket List

जो एक खण्ड लागि तयार छ (Who’s ready for a segment? in Nepali)? We are June twelth, and it is time to put together a bucket list for myself! I would love to accomplish these things more than anything, since it would be the first full bucket list I would totally complete. I don’t want […]

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Summer Loving’: Life Hacks

Senang panas ka sadaya (Happy summer to all! in Sundanese)! GUYS IT’S JUNE!!! I can’t believe the it’s June!!!! And I am so happy! May went way to quickly, but that means that summer is here for once and for all! I have put together a few little Life hacks to kick off our June […]

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Makeover: War of The Polishes

હેય શું ચાલે છે (Hey, what’s up? In Gujarati)? Welcome back to my blog, and I hope you are ready for this Sunday’s blog post, where we will be comparing and reviewing different nail polishes! A couple of weeks ago, I decided to test out five different brands and colours of nail polish to see which […]

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Decoration Nation: Bulletin Boards

හේයි හැමෝම, ඔයා කොහොමද අද (hey everybody, how are you today? In Sinhala)? I hope you are in a decoration mood, because I have another Decoration Nation post coming at you! I don’t know about you guys, but I like decor pieces in my room to be interchangeable. For example, having a simple bulletin board […]

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Decoration Nation: Bookshelves

Hallo almal (hello everybody! In Afrikaans)! Today I am back with a February segment, which is “Decoration Nation”! I LOVE room decor, and I am super excited to show you guys some fun ways too spice up your bookshelves! Obviously, function over fashion, so if you have a lot of books then these might not […]

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Where Are We Now?

Aloha (hello in Hawaiian)! How are you doing today? If your having a good day, that’s awesome! If not, hopefully I can brighten up your day because I am back with my first ever SEGMENTS POST!! I am so excited for this, and I hope you are as well. As you might know, January is […]

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