A Ton Of Awards!

Bonjour tout la monde (hello everybody in French)! Today I have a ton of nominations, which I was given by  itsnira and soobxblog! I love their blogs so much and am so flattered that they nominated our fam for an award, so thank you so much!I don’t want to keep y’all for much longer, entrons dans lui (let’s get into it in French)!



Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
Write a post to show your award
Give a brief story of how your blog started
Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
Select 15 other bloggers for this award
Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and link to the post you created.

How My Blog Started:

My blog started because of one of my teachers. It was a class project that we did, which consisted of making our own blogs through the school. It no longer exists, but I loved the idea of it! I didn’t know how to use it then but I thought it was SO COOL to have a blog. Since then , I have kept my secret of wanting to start a blog; planning posts, making designs, all that jazz. Until August 31st, 2016, I started my blog GRACEFUL. My life has been forever changed for the better, and I don’t remember life without the wordpress home page! It’s so funny to think that I had no clue how to use it a mere five months ago! We have grown so much since I first hit publish, and hope to reach 50 followers by our half birthday (March 1st)!

My Advice:

My sole piece of advice is this: be yourself. I know your all yelling at your screens right now telling me “That’s so cheesy! Everyone says that!”,  but it’s SOOOO true! Blogging is a way to let people into your life, and I think that it is a talent to have the courage to write for other people. I thank Justin Hall (the creator of blogging) for the blessing he gave all of us bloggers. So there is only one thing to do: Be yourself, don’t give in to pressure and write what you want.

My Nominations (these are the same for the other awards as well): 

  1. someoneonline
  2. girlonrainbow
  3. somegirloffline
  4. girlyblogger
  5. marioness
  6. luimaria
  7. silviya
  8. beachygirlmonique
  9. mypastelblog
  10. soobxblog
  11. alittlebitofeverything
  12. kathrynfirth
  13. Lara
  14. dreamersanddancers
  15. dannielas



The rules for this tag are

Mention the creator of the tag
Use the image that you find in this article.
Mention the blogger who has chosen you.
Answer the questions.
Mention 9 bloggers/friends and let them know through a comment on their blog.

I was nominated by soobxblog, and this tag was created by Davide.

Describe your 2016 in 3 words.

Fun, experimental, best (year yet)

Write the name of 2 people that have characterized your 2016.

I think my friends and family characterized me a lot, and still are. If I have to pick just two people, it would be my Mom and Dad

Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much.

I never really travel (ever), but I loved visiting the beach over the summer which is fun, because I love summer.

Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.

I think that the most delicious thing that I ate is… oh my gosh theres to many things! Probably my grandmothers Hash-brown Casserole, or a Thai shrimp I had for Garry’s birthday.

Write the event which has marked you more of this in 2016 (even global event).

I think the biggest event of my 2016 was hands down publishing my first blog post.

Write the finest purchase you’ve made in this 2016, and if you want link a photo.

My finest purchase of 2016 is my Perlina bag from my Whats In My Bag? post. It was from a yard sale and was only £5, but it is worth much more.

Write 3 good intentions for this 2017.

Work on positivity, go for more runs, keeps up schoolwork

Write 1 place you want to visit in 2017.

Un-realistical, Paris France Or NYC USA. Realistically, hike to the top of a high point for sunset.

Write 1 plate/food you want to eat in 2017.

I would absolutely LOVE to try more tropical fruits, like Guava, Papaya, REAL Coconut, Bread fruit. Stuff like that.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.14.56 PM.png

Display Award.
Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog.)
Share seven things about yourself.
Nominate bloggers.

  • I absolutely love to write
  • I’m a dog person🐶
  • I have a really neat room (as in tidy)🏠
  • I speak french as my second language🇫🇷
  • The last time it took me longer than a week to read a book was 2015 and it was the twilight saga📚
  • I play guitar and piano🎹🎸
  • I always wear a ring (no, I’m not married)💍
  • I love to check out room decor, and then never actually change up my room💷
  • I HATE tomatos, olives and large peppers. I will not eat peppers without it being small and mixed with something🍅🌶

    Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.34.17 PM.pngRules:

  • Display Award Logo On Blog
  • List The Rules
  • Mention Creator Of Award & Provide A Link
  • Thank The Blogger(s) Who Nominated You & Provide A Link
  • Say 3 Things About Yourself
  • Nominate From 10 To 20 Bloggers
  • Notify Nominated Bloggers By Leaving A Comment On Their Blog
  • Answer 5 Questions From Nominee
  • Write 5 Questions For Your Nominees
  • Share Your Best Post

“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.
-Okoto Enigma (creator of this award)

Three Things About Me:

  • My favourite colour is rose gold/blush pink. Yes, rose gold is a colour
  • My pet-peeve is incorrect grammar. I’m so notorious at correcting people on it!
  • I have a rather expansive vocabulary, hence all of the considerably sized words I use. Actually, I had to look half of that up, though I do use odd words.

Question Time!

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
I would change our lack of magic. If we had magical abilities, then all of the worlds problems could be fixed. Like Harry Potter, except we automatically know what we’re doing and aren’t all British.

Why did you chose the blog name you have? (does that make sense?)
I chose the name Graceful for my blog because my friends and family are constantly teasing me about being so clumsy, so I thought it fitting.

What is your favourite piece of clothing? (Jacket, t-shirt…)
My favourite piece of clothing are my brown boots from my September Favourites. They make me feel so confident, and I guiltily strut when I wear them sometimes.

What is your favourite animal?
My favourite animal is… an Elephant, I would say. They are quite smart and so gentle, but when made mad, dangerous. Pretty much me as an animal.

Who is your inspiration and why?
My inspiration. That’s a tricky one. My inspiration is… all of you. Everyone that hit the follow button or likes my posts or leaves sweet comments inspires me to keep blogging.

Questions For You!

  • What was the day you published your first post?
  • If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
  • What is your all-time-hands-down-die-hard favourite food?
  • What is the definition of aa?
  • What moment were you very proud of yourself?

My best post is Short & Sweet: Blogmas Day 21, you guys seemed to really like that one. My personal favourite is My First Post! because that is how this journey started.


  • Post about the award
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 people
  • Tell your nominees the good news!
  1. I am a winger/defender in football
  2. I love debates
  3. My favourite subject is english
  4. I’ve never read Zoella’s “Girl Online” books
  5. I absolutely LOVE music
  6. I love playing dodgeball
  7. My current obsession is glee

There we go! I hope that you enjoyed this post and decide to take on the challenge yourself! Today’s question-of-the-post-is: Would you do this post? That’s all for today, and once again thank you so much for the nomination! Always remember that you are amazing! -GRACEFUL


5 thoughts on “A Ton Of Awards!

  1. awesome post! congrats on ur awards, and thank you so much for nominating me 🙂 ❤ and I totally agree on the travel question lol – I would love to go to NYC but realistically probably not this year haha 😉 ❤ loved this post 🙂 ❤ xx

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